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Convert a wall into a spectacular odyssey!

Printed Tile Murals

Custom printed tile murals deliver a stunning point of difference for your kitchen, bathroom and outdoor entertaining area as custom tile splashbacks and wall decor. As an effective hero feature Unique Tile Murals help you express a minimalist design in that they need little else. Simultaneously, you will have a sophisticated atmosphere, a sense of space, luxury and an enviable style.

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Always Grounded

TM03B Price It

Cliff Panorama Grounded

TM06B Price It

David’s Hideaway Grounded

TM11B Price It

Fantasy Forest Grounded

TM66B Price It

Fiordland Grounded

TM13B Price It

Grounded Mangroves

TM57B Price It

Happy Hearts Grounded

TM15B Price It

Mollenhauers Rd Grounded

TM27D Price It

Peace of Burleigh Grounded

TM31B Price It

Tamaree Grounded

TM44B Price It

A Misty Storm

TM27C Price It

A Soothing Storm

TM27B Price It

Fantasy Forest

PTM66 Price It

Picnic Creek at Dawn with Egret

TM65a Price It

Picnic Creek at Night with Egret

TM65c Price It

Picnic Creek at Noon with Egret

TM65b Price It

Picnic Creek at Dawn

TM64 Price It

Picnic Creek at Midday

TM63 Price It

Fiordland Ambient

TM62 Price It

Fiordland natural

TM61 Price It

Toucan Paradise Right

PTM 60 Price It

Twilight Falls

PTM-15 Price It

Toucan Paradise Left

PTM 59 Price It

Rainbow Mangroves

PTM 57 Price It

Forest of Pearls

PTM-48 Price It

River Garden

PTM-09 Price It

Holiday at the Maldives!

PTM-49 Price It

Ocean Odyssey

PTM-32 Price It

Scent of Magnolia

PTM-33 Price It

Forest Escape

PTM-13 Price It

Forest Lull

PTM-14 Price It

Opera De Cordelia Spectators

TM68A Price It

Aurora Rainbow

TM10A Price It

Aurora Closeup 1

PTM10b Price It

Aurora Closeup 2

PTM10C Price It

Aurora Panorama

PTM10d Price It

Aurora Texture

PTM10 Price It

Just us

PTM-18 Price It

Jungle Pavements

PTM-05 Price It

The Pixel Garden

PTM-08 Price It


PTM-10 Price It

Days of Venice

PTM-50 Price It

Wild Love

PTM-02 Price It

Lake of Lillies

PTM-03 Price It

Billy Time

PTM-41 Price It

City Lights

PTM-04 Price It

Pacific Reflections

PTM-42 Price It

Party to the Beat

PTM-43 Price It

Bridges over The Seine

PTM-45 Price It

Mellow Cello

PTM-46 Price It

Lillies a la Pointillism

PTM-39 Price It

Waiting Above

PTM-27 Price It

Dionysian Revelry

PTM-19 Price It

Polynesian Odyssey

PTM-20 Price It

Dream Away

PTM-21 Price It

Ocean Splash Panorama Sky Blue

PTM67E Price It

Ocean Splash Panorama in Green

PTM67b Price It

Ocean Splash Panorama Coral

PTM67 Price It

Ocean Splash Panorama Floral

PTM67c Price It

Oean Splash Panorama in Blue

PTM67a Price It

Looking up

PTM-16 Price It

Marble Reverie

PTM 58 Price It

Sunsets Into Ocean

PTM-17 Price It

Blue Spots

PTM 56 Price It

Natures Gifts

PTM-54 Price It

Color Splashes

PTM-07 Price It

Canvas Falls

PTM-40 Price It

Water. Pebbles. Seaweed.

PTM-34 Price It

Beach Sunspots

PTM-35 Price It

Winter Shower

PTM-25 Price It


PTM-26 Price It

To the Light Beyond

PTM-28 Price It

Ice Age

PTM-29 Price It

Inside the Falls

PTM-30 Price It

Dive Deep

PTM-24 Price It

Land of Mists

PTM-53 Price It

Fuji by Night

PTM-51 Price It

The Leaping Carp

PTM-52 Price It

Adrift in the Sea of Japan

PTM-37 Price It

Fuji Alley

PTM-22 Price It

RUWild Enough?

PTM-23 Price It

Japanese Fighting Fish

PTM-12 Price It

View from the Cliffs

PTM-06 Price It

Nite Escape

PTM-47 Price It

Pandanas over Rocks

PTM-11 Price It

Beach Fresh

PTM-01 Price It

Golf of Course

PTM-44 Price It

Turquoise Bay

PTM-36 Price It

Mediterranean Resort

PTM-38 Price It

Beach Day

PTM-31 Price It

Print your own Custom Tile Murals

Upload a high-resolution file of your artwork and include photos of where your mural will be installed so we can edit it to fit. Then check your art proof, request any changes and have your art printed and delivered. Easy! Printing and delivery costs are included but please check the box if you need help with outsourcing an image otherwise copyright ownership is your responsibility.



What_tile_murals_do_for_style_by-Sharron-Tancred-#The_Mural_Shop Wizart Room Visualiser banner to play with art in ours or your space Warranty. Free Delivery Australia Wide. Low-VOC. Australian Made Banner Icons Buy_outdoor_wall_decor_art_direct_from_Artist_Sharron_Tancred_pool_wall_art_ideas_and_beautiful_outdoor_wall_art-by_The_Mural_Shop

TILE FEATURES Our low VOC and environmentally friendly ceramic tile murals are water and frost-resistant, as well as UV-stable out of the harsh sun for up to 10 years. They receive a coat of matt followed by gloss laminate sealant crafted by our industrial chemists especially for us to give a long-lasting gloss finish. Our laminate is anti-bacterial, mould, mildew and fungal. Limited Liability Warranty.

TILE DIMENSIONS Wall and Pool Safe Tiles (Glazed Porcelain): 10x30x0.6cm, 30x30x0.6cm | Wall safe (Ceramic) 60x60x1cm, 60x120x.48cm, 15x60x0.8cm, 20x40x0.75cm, 25x40x0.9cm, 20x60x0.8cm, 30x60x0.9cm, 45x30x0.9cm, 30x75x0.8cm

TILE CARE For installation, hire a professional tiler or DIY.  To cut tiles simply apply masking tape over the printed side. If one gets broken we will replace it for FREE. Tile murals can be scrubbed and withstand bleach and harsh chemicals. Abrasive tools and detergents are not recommended.  SHIPS WITHIN 14-21 DAYS FROM SIGNED E-PROOF PENDING TILE AVAILABILITY. Tile Specifications, Sizes and Sample Photos

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