Buy Murals Online or Print Your Own Mural as Tile, Glass, Metal, Film and Mosaic. Mural Products bring well-being and a unique point of difference!

DIYer, Designers and Aged Care decorate as you build! Unique Art Finishes create minimalist, low-waste designs that feels complete. Buy design finishes online for splashbacks, walls, ceilings, doors and pools.


Buy murals online as mosaic mural products! Our toughest, all-weather, easy-clean design feature. Shop now


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Transform sliding doors, windows, even cabinetry into art as light with Glass Murals Shop now


Ready to hang Outdoor Murals turn a pool, garden or balcony into your outdoor retreat!  Shop now

Splashback Murals

An artful Splashback creates a holiday vibe, unification of your open plan decor and architectural relevance. Shop now


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Build in glamour, style, depth! Tile Murals are unique art finishes for bathrooms, restaurants, fireplaces and more. Shop now


Our most innovative mural products: Tile Strips bring modern, artful luxury into your tile design, inside or out! Shop now



Heavenly ceiling features for suspended ceilings, niches, medical,
dementia or nursery.

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Feel complete with Art Wallpapers from our NEW Grounded aspiration to Asian, Beach and more! Shop now


Reduce your Dementia Resident’s stress with proven wayfinding door wraps. We are True Doors ® Qld rep. Read more


Solve problematic Dementia behaviourisms with our proven Exit Diversion Designs tailored to your decor and their reminiscence. Shop now

ROOM PREVIEWER- View our art in rooms in real time!

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Buy design finishes online at retail or trade prices, direct from innovative mural artist Sharron Tancred located in Brisbane.

Building, renovating or decorating? The Mural Shop is unique.  You can choose art as custom printed murals for sale or print your own mural or get hand-painted art commissions. How do Unique Art Finishes work? Here is our theory.

Did you know that many architects follow an 80:20 rule?

20% of the budget and space goes into a Wow Factor item as a meaningful point of difference. Then, the remaining 80% is simpler and budget savvy. Because most people agree that our homes are looking alike, the 80:20 rule using art immediately adds personality, connection to nature, soul, texture, a united colour palette, focal point and more. To sum it up, our architectural design finishes online create your minimalist design that feels complete.

Therefore, decorating as you build with Unique Art Finishes is good for your pocket and sustainable for the planet. Historically, artful interiors are much loved for their immediate lifestyle benefits- because biophilic design creates a sense of well-being.  By helping to bring back this age-old Importance of Art in Architecture, now a resurging trend overseas, you will save decorating costs, time and frustration.

Let’s go a little deeper with how that works : )

Consider this. Humanity has built in art since caveman days throughout Antiquity to the Renaissance, Victorian, Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Bauhaus and 1970s homes- only to stop at the GFC. By building in art then, historic properties are today Heritage-listed and more valuable. So, in 20 years’ time, there will be less need for you to renovate your forever home to keep up with trends. Your home will be classic again.

It is no surprise that since the Covid lockdowns, global trends have shifted!  International Trend forecasters, MC and Co Trend have proven that since the lockdowns, Interior Design aspirations of nostalgia, escape, playfulness, opulence, ordered and grounded have moved from emerging to enduring.  These are aspirations that we express in our hand-painted art commissions, as mural artists and through our printed murals for sale.

So, in pondering your decorating costs, using art as your built in focal points means you that meet the 80:20 rule, create an aspirational vibe that is ahead of the trends, and have a wow factor yet minimalist design that feels complete. Win, win, win.

Explore our enormously creative products and services at your fingertips for residential, commercial and Aged Care and call us if you need any help.



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Want to see before you buy?  Upload your own photo or use ours when you explore our free room previewer on every mural products page.


Want a professional art and decor consultants help?  Buy a package for fast results! Upload photos of your space. We will select and Photoshop beautiful murals into your space.

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The Mural Shop blends art, colour psychology and technology to transform everyday building products into beautiful and meaningful decorative building finishes. Print Your Own Mural or buy Sharron Tancred's art which is unique to our mural store online.

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