Decorative Building Finishes for DIYers, Spec Home Interior Designers and Aged Care. Buy murals online or Print Your Own Mural as Unique Art Finishes.

Building in art and wellness with unique art finishes including splashbacks, walls, ceilings, doors and pools!



Our premium mural products hero for stunning, all-weather internal and external water-features, table-tops and more!  

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Buy-murals-online-Premium-murals-products as-Glass-Murals_for_hospitals_and_aged_care_by_Sharron_Tancred_The_Mural-Shop

Building in art and wellness is beautiful and easy with Glass Murals over sliding doors, windows, screens and cabinetry.  

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Transform your pool, garden or balcony into an outdoor retreat when we deliver your Outdoor Mural!

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Splashback Murals


An artful Splashback creates a holiday vibe, unification of your open plan decor and architectural relevance.

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Build in glamour, style, depth! Tile Murals are unique art finishes for bathrooms, restaurants, fireplaces and more.

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Innovative Tile Strips will update or inspire a luxurient, modern and artful style to your tile design, inside or out!

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Transform suspended ceilings, ceiling niches, hospital, dental, assisted living and nursery ceilings into a bit of Heaven. 

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Express your true style with transformative Art Wallpapers from our NEW look Grounded style to Asian, Beach and more!

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Newly lowered prices! Reduce your Dementia resident’s stress with our proven wayfinding door wraps.

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Solve problematic dementia behaviourisms with our exit diversion designs tailored to your needs.
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ROOM PREVIEWER- View our art in rooms in real time!

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The Mural Shop Unique Art Finsihes for buying art direct online as decorative building products

Buy murals online at Retail or Trade Prices, direct from innovative Australian Artist and Decorator, Sharron Tancred.  

Research since 2009 has shown that most Interior Designers believe our homes are looking alike. Add to this, that Home Renovators desire more meaning, less stuff, with a connection to nature and unique points of difference- that relate to them. Interior Designers for Spec Home Builders with the job of personalising their client’s forever home can struggle to find finishes that personalise the home. Meanwhile, the world wants low-waste design. Have you ever wondered, why build and then decorate? Why not decorate as you build? Globally, everyone wants wellness design which means biophilic- greenery, art, curves and textures. Consider this: it was when caveman first transformed a cave into a home with his art that we became human. back then we continued believing in the Importance of Art in Architecture through to antiquity right up to Art Deco and the 80’s.  Now, are we loosing our soul to commercialism? How can Spec Home Designers and DIYers build biophilic environments that require little else to feel like a home and not a box?  

You have discovered Unique Art Finishes that deliver low-waste, minimalist design that feels complete!

How does it work?  When you select the mural that best reflects your architecture and its landscape style you create instant relevance. After this, Unique Art Finishes instil a soothing illusion of space while their Colour Psychology promotes positive vibes for wellness. In contrast to today’s myriads of feature wall cladding, our premium mural products deliver colour, style, theme and connections to nature all in one through their Universal themes of water, nature, light, love and travel. From here decorating is easier for the homeowner: simply expand your Unique Art Finishes’ style.    

So, there is no longer any reason to play it safe. Spec Home Designers and DIYers can subtly enhance design trends, create distinction, wellness and low-waste design when you buy murals online at The Mural Shop.


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Want professional help?  Buy a package for fast results! Upload photos of your space. We will select and Photoshop beautiful murals into your space. 

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Buy_murals_online_as_design_finishes_for_building_in_art_and_wellness_wellness_design_and_wellness_architecture_Our_decorative_building_products_are_mural_products_Australian_made_Mural_store_online direct_from_artist-Sharron_Tancred_as_architectural_design_finishes_online_Buy_design_finishes_online
Buy_murals_online_as_design_finishes_for_building_in_art_and_wellness_wellness_design_and_wellness_architecture_Our_decorative_building_products_are_mural_products_Australian_made_Mural_store_online direct_from_artist-Sharron_Tancred_as_architectural_design_finishes_online_Buy_design_finishes_online
IDA Member_ Buy_murals_online_as_design_finishes_for_building_in_art_and_wellness_wellness_design_and_wellness_architecture_Our_decorative_building_products_are_mural_products_Australian_made_Mural_store_online direct_from_artist-Sharron_Tancred_as_architectural_design_finishes_online_Buy_design_finishes_online


The Mural Shop blends art, colour psychology and technology to transform everyday building products into beautiful and meaningful decorative building finishes. Uniquely, Sharron Tancred's work is only available direct at our mural store online or via license.

Architects- Love the idea of building in art and wellness? Call us now!
Buy_murals_online_as_design_finishes_for_building_in_art_and_wellness_wellness_design_and_wellness_architecture_Our_decorative_building_products_are_mural_products_Australian_made_Mural_store_online direct_from_artist-Sharron_Tancred_as_architectural_design_finishes_online_Buy_design_finishes_online

Meet Sharron Tancred, Artist, Graphic Designer, Interior Decorator, Colour Psychologist and Art Tech Innovator.

Hi! Since 2006, I’ve enhanced homes, corporate spaces and aged care facilities through my hand-painted art and renovation division, Tailored Artworks.

While exhibiting at over 20 home shows, people would mention to me that properties were starting to look very similar. This also came up with my designer friends and celebrity designers like Shaynna Blaze. It appeared to be a worldwide trend, with everyone from real estate agents to homeowners believing they should play it safe. Because Colour Psychology and effective environmental design are two mindsets in my design approach, I decided to work on ways for building in art and wellness to create individually good vibrations!

In a sea of white and beige, my design finishes offer to transform your vibe from so-so to feeling good! It’s my dream to get more art built into everyday spaces, to improve your mental health and influence wellness architecture, simply with themed design finishes through the one mural store online. I want to encourage Spec Home Interior Designers and DIY renovators to start with art and then allow it to inspire your decor, indoors and out! To achieve this goal, I’ve made my decorative building products affordable for everyone.

I truly hope The Mural Shop’s architectural design finishes online will inspire you. If you need some interior design help, check out our budget friendly building and interior decorating packages page. Because, a fresh eye is always a good thing!

Sharron Tancred