Delivering Murals that individualize Builds

Building, Renovating or Decorating? Create points of difference with beauty and relevance through Design Finishes inspired by Art!

Art inspired Interior Design Finishes are a communication channel for Architects, Interior Designers and Boutique Home Builders to Homeowner tastes and vice-versa! Such Wall Decor Ideas, previously only in Luxury Home Decors are now affordable for everyday homes.  While Design Professionals want Design Finishes to win awards, so Homeowners desire current yet personalised design- within their comfort zones. The Mural Shop’s Customised Building Products are a way to personalise design trends and create distinction.   Additionally, our Universal Themes of light, water, nature, beauty and love constructs relevance to the architecture and its landscape. For instance, as Designer Splashbacks!

Add to this, everyone wants less clutter. Because art on vertical surfaces is highly visible, our Wall Decor Ideas bolster Minimalist Design and yet, imbue a sense of space and completeness. Thus, less decoration is required!  

Home builds, and renovations require purpose-built substrates. For this reason, we have developed Design Finishes for every space, even in Aged Care.

Our mission is to build more art into homes as Customised Building Products. We want to help create beauty, relevance and a point of difference.

The Mural Shop and our suppliers are family owned companies renowned for high-quality Australian designed and manufactured goods. *Our robotically engineered Mosaic Murals are produced in Taiwan.

Create your statement Design Finishes for indoors and out today.  Luxury Home Decors for everyone and art to connect you with nature and life!

Design Finishes


The Mural Shop blends art, colour psychology and technology to transform customised building products into beautiful and meaningful design finishes. You will love our art inspired design finishes for home, business and aged care!

Want different Wall Decor Ideas and Designer Splashbacks? Let us help inspire you!
Design Finishes by Sharron Tancred

Meet Sharron Tancred, Artist, Graphic Designer, Interior Decorator and Colour Psychologist.

Hi! The Mural Shop for Art inspired Interior Design Finishes is a unique service.  Here’s my story.

After 23 years in Graphic Design and Advertising, I began Tailored Artworks, our Hand-painted Art and Renovation division.  In short, since 2006, I have fixed, enhanced and inspired decors through Art.  And, not just Luxury Home Decors!

Then in 2017, after 18 Brisbane Home Shows, I realised people were mentioning home similarities. So were my designer friends and celebrity designers like Shayna Blaze (The Block and Selling Houses Australia where I have seen Shayna install art inspired Designer Splashbacks.) To illustrate, think of Worldwide trends and then Real Estate Agents and Homeowners all believing they should play it safe.

As a result, I decided to help reduce the risk of properties from becoming a blur of safe Design Finishes and conservative styles. Simply by combining art with Customised Building Products.  In this way too, you save costs because we’ve combined art and decor! 

My dream is to encourage both DIY renovators, builders and designers to start with art so that their design vision stays pure.  I believe in this so much, that I created a renovation team for Indoors and out.

Trends overseas, like in New York, have properties built around art.  Thus, Art inspired Interior Design Finishes will make Luxury Home Decors affordable for everybody! 

Lastly, for those of you who need some design help, I created our fabulous Custom-er help Desk.  Custom-er Help Desk.  A fresh eye is always a good thing!  I truly hope The Mural Shop will inspire you. 

Sharron Tancred

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