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Splashback Murals

  • Available as film or toughened glass
  • Excellent for uniting open plan luxury home decors
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  • Art on toughened glass or quality overlaminate film
  • Ideal for corporate spaces or luxury home decors

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  • UV Printed, triple laminated ceramic tiles
  • Ideal for designer splashbacks and bathrooms
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  • UV Printed, triple laminated ceramic tiles
  • Ideal for budget bathroom renovations
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  • World Class Technology HP Latex Printing
  • Easily repositioned, cleaned and removed
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  • All weather, pool safe and modern
  • Ideal for pools, splashbacks, walls and floors
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  • Large scale, rust proof metal alloy
  • Flat or textured 3D Print
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  • Enhance environmental design
  • Natural look, durable and reusable
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We provide artistic and affordable design finishes on demand for home builders and renovators, interior designers and architects.

Our wall decor ideas and luxury home decors are purpose-built to space where people live and work, from apartment living to aged care.

The Universal themes of light, water, nature, beauty and love feature in our original artworks, bringing relevance to your architecture and its landscape while imbuing a sense of space and completeness.

Personalise design trends and create distinction for your build when you buy online murals from The Mural Shop.


Create statement design finishes for indoor and outdoor spaces using art on glass, tile, films, metal alloy and mosaic.


Select from our extensive library of contemporary design finishes, add your project details and proceed to checkout!


Our mural store online products are designed and manufactured in Australia by family owned companies with only our robotically engineered mosaic murals produced in Taiwan.



Design Finishes

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Hawaiian Splashback

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The Mural Shop blends art, colour psychology and technology to transform everyday building products into beautiful and meaningful design finishes. Uniquely, Sharron Tancred's work is only available direct at our mural store online.

Love different Wall Decor Ideas and Designer Splashbacks? Let us help inspire you!

How it works. Play the video!

Design Finishes by Sharron Tancred

Meet Sharron Tancred, Artist, Graphic Designer, Interior Decorator, Colour Psychologist and Art Tech Innovator.

Hi! Since 2006, I’ve enhanced homes, corporate spaces and aged care facilities through my handpainted art and renovation division, Tailored Artworks.

While exhibiting at many home shows, people would mention to me that properties were starting to look very similar. This also came up with my designer friends and celebrity designers like Shaynna Blaze. It appeared to be a worldwide trend, with everyone from real estate agents to homeowners believing they should play it safe.

So I decided to find a way to help properties avoid becoming a blur of conservative styles by offering the ability to theme design finishes through the one mural store online. hence, The Mural Shop!

My goal is to help people buy design finishes online that make luxury decors affordable for everyone. I want to encourage builders, designers and DIY renovators to start with art, which we’re already seeing in places like New York.

I truly hope The Mural Shop will inspire you. If you need some design help, I created our fabulous Custom-er Help Desk. A fresh eye is always a good thing!

Sharron Tancred

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