Glass Murals

Transition plain glass into art as light

Glass Murals

Glass wall design features imbued truly stunning focal points for internal glass doors, windows, screens and tabletops. The translucency of glass wall art allows light to flow through while creating a sophisticated and private atmosphere. Glass wall art has the added benefit of safety in contrast to plain glass, enriching your space with a discernible veil of art. Our glass murals can be purchased two ways:
A) Printed onto a high-quality Self Adhesive Vinyl (SAV) film in Clear or White and delivered to you to apply to your existing glass or surface
B) We order 6mm Toughened Glass in for you and apply our SAV Clear or White Film directly onto it and deliver.  You then install your glass into your enviable new space
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Mural Designs

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Outback Spring Day

GM107 Price It

Fantasy Forest

GM106 Price It

Mossy Rocks

GM22 Price It

Afternoon Water Lillys

GM25 Price It

Water Lilly Upfront 1

GM26 Price It

Water Lilly Upfront 2

GM27 Price It

A Modern Country

GM17 Price It

Pandanus Palm

GM103 Price It

Night Fall

GM21 Price It

Flowers on Water

GM08 Price It

Grass Trees Desert Mural

GM12 Price It

Boats, Sea Froth and Whales

GM92 Price It

Great Wave of Delight

GM03 Price It

Afternoon of Africa

GM05 Price It

Rustic Modern

GM85 Price It

Twilight Swim

GM86 Price It

Misty Forest

GM88 Price It

Boating on Sea Froth

GM90 Price It

Whale of a Time

GM91 Price It

Aussie Bush Sunset

GM82 Price It

Dots Forestscape

GM60 Price It

Blue Forestscape

GM61 Price It

Natural Forestscape

GM63 Price It

Toucan Plantation Left

GM65 Price It

Toucan Plantation Right

GM66 Price It

Delightfalls Right

GM54 Price It

Ayers Rock Trip

GM57 Price It

Delightfalls Left

GM52 Price It

Delightfalls Center

GM53 Price It

Big Magnolia

GM46 Price It

Always Grounded

GM09A Price It

Dots Forestscape Grounded

GM60A Price It

Happy Hearts Grounded

GM22A Price It

Island Nymph Grounded

GM28A Price It

La Alhambra Grounded

GM34A Price It

Norfolk Reminisce Grounded

GM81A Price It

Grounded Cedar Vale

GM17a Price It

New York Light - Grounded

GM76a Price It

Egret and Waterfall

GM35 Price It

Sepia Forest

GM100 Price It

Black Forestscape

GM59 Price It

Paint Splatters1

GM29 Price It

Paint Splatters2

GM30 Price It

Psychedelic Party 1

GM18 Price It

Psychedelic Party 2

GM19 Price It


GM101 Price It

Sunbursts over Beach

GM105 Price It

Sea Froth

GM93 Price It

Sea Pearls1

GM94 Price It

Sea Pearls2

GM95 Price It

Sea Pearls3

GM96 Price It

Sea Pearls

GM97 Price It

Waterfalls over Rocks

GM89 Price It

Mountain Magnolias

GM73 Price It

Kids Art On Glass

GM75 Price It

Surfer Babes

GM47 Price It

Modern Beach Edge

GM50 Price It

Berries, Lemons, Limes2

GM40 Price It

It’s About Family

GM41 Price It

It’s About Family1

GM42 Price It

It’s About Family2

GM43 Price It

It’s About Family3

GM44 Price It

It’s About Family4

GM45 Price It

Berries, Lemons, Limes1

GM39 Price It

La Alhambra Grace

GM34 Price It

Banksia River

GM23 Price It

Island Nymph

GM28 Price It

Silver City

GM14 Price It

Rainbow City

GM15 Price It


GM102 Price It

Closer to Ladies of Africa

GM07 Price It

Country Water Lillies

GM09 Price It

Art Deco Clouds

GM11 Price It

View to the City

GM13 Price It

Dawn of Africa

GM04 Price It

Ladies of Africa

GM06 Price It

Freddie Mercury Rocks

GM87 Price It

First Ships at Tahiti

GM83 Price It

Impressionist Water Lillys Mural

GM69 Price It

Egret and Ducks

GM70 Price It

Big Apple Art

GM76 Price It

Window to the Plantation

GM64 Price It

Rose Gold Gods

GM55 Price It

Beach Cafe

GM56 Price It

Mermaid Glass Mural

GM24 Price It

Mediterranean Fishermen

GM20 Price It

Mediterranean Resort Life

GM99 Price It

Sunset Boat Race

GM104 Price It

I am sailing out

GM01 Price It

Sailing out early

GM02 Price It

Boating at Norfolk Island

GM81 Price It

Burleigh Beach Morning

GM84 Price It

50’s Beach Life 1

GM67 Price It

50’s Beach Life 2

GM68 Price It

Cliff Seascape

GM48 Price It

Seascape Detail

GM49 Price It

Noosa Beach Mural

GM51 Price It

Boating Australia

GM36 Price It

Lake Reflections

GM38 Price It

Japan Great Wave 1 Fish

GM98c Price It

Japan Great Wave 2 Fish

GM98d Price It

Japan Great Wave Detail

GM98b Price It

Japan Great Wave with Fish

GM98a Price It

Carp Jumping at Night

GM79 Price It

Crane Hunting Carp

GM80a Price It

Boat under Mt Fuji

GM80 Price It

Mt Fuji at Night

GM78 Price It

Japanese Fighting Fish

GM58 Price It

Print your own Custom Glass Tile Mural

Upload a high-resolution file of your artwork and include photos of where your mural will be installed so we can edit it to fit. Then check your art proof, request any changes and have your art printed and delivered. Easy! Printing and delivery costs are included but please check the box if you need help with outsourcing an image otherwise copyright ownership is your responsibility.



What_glass_wall_art_ does_for_living_area_design_by-Sharron-Tancred-#The_Mural_Shop

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2 Year Warranty. Free Delivery Australia Wide. Low-VOC. Australian Made Banner Icons

2 Year Warranty.  Our glass wall design features can be printed onto certified 5 or 6mm /.23Inch thick, toughened Starfire or Low-iron glass. A mural on glass is fade resistant for up to 10 years out of direct sunlight.  Select “Printed on Toughened Glass” when you choose your artwork. *NOTE: SHIPS FROM 1 WEEK GLASS + 10 DAYS PRINTING FROM SIGNED E-PROOF | INSTALLATION POA  Toughened Glass Murals  Specifications and Photos

10-Year Warranty.  For cost-effective glass wall art on existing glass or oversized surfaces, we print on high-quality clear matte or gloss finish film. Our 1.1mL/.04 Inch solvent-based, pressure-sensitive, acrylic overlaminate film is ideal for application to any non-porous, undulating or curved surface! Select “Printed on Overlaminate Film” when you choose your artwork. When measuring, add 2.5cm/.98 inch of bleed on each edge. SHIPS WITHIN 10 DAYS FROM SIGNED E-PROOF| INSTALLATION POA.

You will receive your custom glass mural film as a single-sided adhesive with a white backing film. For longevity in damp spaces, we advise positioning the printed side within the dry interior. Otherwise, silicon your mural between a slim sheet of glass! As always, a professional installer will achieve the best outcome. Glass Murals Overlaminate Film Specifications and Photos

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