Meet Sharron Tancred, Artist, Graphic Designer, Interior Decorator, Colour Psychologist and Art Tech Innovator.

Hi! Since 2006, I’ve enhanced homes, corporate spaces and aged care facilities through my hand-painted art and renovation division, Tailored Artworks.

While exhibiting at over 20 home shows, people would mention to me that properties were starting to look very similar. This also came up with my designer friends and celebrity designers like Shaynna Blaze. It appeared to be a worldwide trend, with everyone from real estate agents to homeowners believing they should play it safe. Because Colour Psychology and effective environmental design are two mindsets in my design approach, I decided to work on ways for building in art and wellness to create individually good vibrations!

In a sea of white and beige, my design finishes offer to transform your vibe from so-so to feeling good! It’s my dream to get more art built into everyday spaces, to improve your mental health and influence wellness architecture, simply with themed design finishes through the one mural store online. I want to encourage Spec Home Interior Designers and DIY renovators to start with art and then allow it to inspire your decor, indoors and out! To achieve this goal, I’ve made my decorative building products affordable for everyone.

I truly hope The Mural Shop’s architectural design finishes online will inspire you. If you need some interior design help, check out our budget friendly building and interior decorating packages page. Because, a fresh eye is always a good thing!

Sharron Tancred