Splashback Murals

Express kitchen style with a statement

Splashback Murals

Custom Splashback Murals are the perfect design finishes for your designer home’s air of sophistication and unique point of difference.  Splashback wall art imbues indoor and outdoor kitchens, bathrooms and laundries with enviable personality and style. Select from our two splashback art print types when you select your splashback wall decor:

A)  Premium optically clear film: For existing glass. Splashback wall art HP Latex printed onto super clear film for professional splashback art installation behind your Starfire or Low-iron glass
B)  6mm thick toughened glass: Printed with UV Repellant inks onto glass, inclusive of Powerpoint Cutouts and with an opaque white laminate.

Instead of plain colours, splashback wall decor featuring artwork hides your unsightly greasy splatters. Similarly, custom splashback murals instead of photography brings a less commercial, more creative ambience into your family home.


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Under The Sea

PSM113 Price It

Grecian Desire

PSM112A Price It

Edge of Time

PSM107 Price It

Dream Trees

PSM-103 Price It

Beach Still Life

PSM-91 Price It

Pink Arches Resort

PSM-88 Price It

Waiting for the Night

PSM-78 Price It

Water Cliffs

PSM-79 Price It

Beach Day

PSM-83 Price It

Summer Shimmer

PSM-66 Price It

Beach Cliff Mooring

PSM-59 Price It

The Winter Sea

PSM-62 Price It

From Desert to the Sea

PSM-63 Price It

Beach Cliffs

PSM-60 Price It

Racing into the Wind

PSM-48 Price It

Beach Resort

PSM-41 Price It

Yacht Race There

PSM-31 Price It

Yacht Race Back

PSM-32 Price It

Waiting for the Kids

PSM-36 Price It

Waiting for the Tide

PSM-37 Price It

Rock Pools

PSM-27 Price It

My Fair Lady - Grounded

PSM111B Price It

Fiordland Grounded

PSM09A Price It

Always Grounded

PSM05A Price It

A Fishermans Friend Grounded

PSM17A Price It

Blackboys Grounded

PSM14A Price It

Blackboys Grounded Red

PSM14B Price It

Cliff Panorama Grounded

PSM62A Price It

Edge of Time Grounded

PSM107A Price It

Fiordland 4 Grounded

PSM69A Price It

Fiordland 5 Grounded

PSM70A Price It

Fishermans Friend Grounded

PSM42A Price It

Grounded Island Nymph

PSM98A Price It

Happy Hearts 3 Grounded

PSM71A Price It

Happy Hearts 4 Grounded

PSM73A Price It

I Dream Grounded

PSM45A Price It

Matty Moos 3 Ground

PSM83A Price It

New York Lights Grounded

PSM39A Price It

Norfolk Fishing Grounded

PSM37A Price It

Norfolk Reminisce Grounded

PSM78A Price It

Norman Creek 3 Grounded

PSM25A Price It

Rustic Ages 3 Grounded

PSM30A Price It

Utopia Grounded

PSM81A Price It

My Fair Lady - Red

PSM111D Price It

My Fair Lady - Violet

PSM111C Price It

My Fair Lady - Yellow

PSM111A Price It

Ocean Splash Panorama Coral

PSM109D Price It

Ocean Splash Panorama Floral

PSM109A Price It

Ocean Splash Panorama in just blue

PSM109B Price It

Ocean Panorama in Blues n Greens

PSM109C Price It

Sea Threads

PSM-106 Price It


PSM-105 Price It

Cool Change

PSM-07 Price It

Red Sea

PSM-102 Price It

Seaside Park Fair

PSM-12 Price It

Magnolia Stream

PSM-13 Price It

Edge of Tide

PSM-01 Price It

Froth and Bubble!

PSM-02 Price It

Magnolia Falls

PSM-95 Price It

Red and White Wine

PSM-96 Price It

Fish Dinner

PSM-84 Price It

Fun Park

PSM-86 Price It

Fun Park Rocket Day

PSM-87 Price It

Dewey Raindrops

PSM-74 Price It

Prism Raindrops

PSM-75 Price It

Tranquillity Falls

PSM-67 Price It

Water Sand

PSM-65 Price It

Steamy Canvas

PSM-51 Price It

Summer Salad with Berries

PSM-52 Price It

By Candle Light

PSM-53 Price It

Surf Days

PSM-46a Price It

My Fair Lady

PSM-47 Price It

Beach Textures

PSM-49 Price It

Sea Pearls

PSM-50 Price It

Water. Rocks. Moss

PSM-33 Price It

Water. Rocks. Moss and Mist.

PSM-34 Price It

Seaside Park

PSM-35 Price It

World Order

PSM-21 Price It


PSM-22 Price It

Silver Hip Flask

PSM-23 Price It

Glide between Raindrops

PSM-24 Price It

Magnolia Mountain

PSM-13b Price It

Water. Air. Light

PSM-15 Price It


PSM-16 Price It

Wash. Chop. Crush!

PSM-18 Price It

Wash. Steam. Add Chilli!

PSM-19 Price It

Opera De Cordelia Panorama

PSM110A Price It

Venetian Morning

PSM-11a Price It

Venetian Dusk

PSM-11b Price It

Spanish Maiden

PSM-100 Price It

Beach Cliffs Teatime

PSM-92 Price It

Freddy Mercury Splashback

PSM-93 Price It

Parrots with Seafood and Moet

PSM-94 Price It

Wine Time

PSM-05 Price It

Wine Time, with Cows.

PSM-06 Price It

Island Beauty

PSM-98 Price It

Reflections of New York

PSM-80 Price It

River Hut

PSM-72 Price It

African Bongos

PSM-61 Price It

Seafood and Moet

PSM-64 Price It

Pink Arches

PSM-58 Price It

New York Skyline over Water

PSM-39 Price It

Plantation Dinner

PSM-42 Price It

Bridges of Paris

PSM-43 Price It

The Sunflower Farmer

PSM-30 Price It

Hawaii Dawn

PSM-26 Price It

Fantasy Forest

PSM108 Price It

Billabong in Spring

PSM-20 Price It

Water over Rocks

PSM-104 Price It

Forest Creek

PSM-09 Price It

Forest Reflections

PSM-08 Price It


PSM-101 Price It

Seaside Park Showers

PSM-99 Price It

Whale of a Time

PSM-03 Price It

Family Boating

PSM-04 Price It

Whale Froth and Bubble!

PSM-97 Price It

Heart of the Ocean

PSM-00 Price It

The Butterfly Splashback

PSM-89 Price It

Forest Fantasy

PSM-90 Price It

Water Garden 2

PSM-77 Price It

Early Coral Garden

PSM-81 Price It

Late Coral Garden

PSM-82 Price It

Mossy Boulders

PSM-71 Price It

Mossy Boulders Mosaic

PSM-73a Price It

Water Garden

PSM-76 Price It

The Early Australians

PSM-68 Price It

Forest of Moss

PSM-69 Price It

Forest of Moss and Light

PSM-73 Price It

Serenity of Lilies

PSM-45 Price It

Waiting for the Day

PSM-38 Price It

From Desert to Billabong

PSM-44 Price It

Country Sunset

PSM-29 Price It

Night Billabong

PSM-25 Price It

Country Evening

PSM-28 Price It

Desert Evening

PSM-14 Price It

The Plantation Kids

PSM-17 Price It

Big Tokyo Way

PSM-85 Price It

Sea of Japan

PSM-54 Price It

Chrysanthemums and Fish

PSM-55 Price It


PSM-56 Price It


PSM-57 Price It

The Geisha Collage

PSM-46b Price It

Little Tokyo Way

PSM-40 Price It

Print your own Custom Splashback Mural

Upload a high-resolution file of your artwork and include photos of where your mural will be installed so we can edit it to fit. Then check your art proof, request any changes and have your art printed and delivered. Easy! Printing and delivery costs are included but please check the box if you need help with outsourcing an image otherwise copyright ownership is your responsibility.


What_splashback_art does_for_kitchen_design-heart-by-Sharron-Tancred-#The_Mural_Shop-custom-splashback-murals  Warranty. Free Delivery Australia Wide. Low-VOC. Australian Made Banner Icons

OPTICALLY CLEAR FILM OPTION Stunningly clear 50 microns, ecologically certified vinyl film, printed back to front, with a matching white vinyl backing film designed for splashback wall decor to conceal your wall’s substrate. Splashback wall art films come up to 1.2 x 25 meters / 3.93 x 82.02FT long, making them suitable for any scale project. SHIPS WITHIN 10 DAYS OF SIGNED E-PROOF.

OUTDOOR BBQ SPLASHBACKS Our splashback art film will stay super vibrant up to five years outdoors in shaded spaces! A premium product, we recommend hiring a certified signage installer for best results with custom splashback murals. Glass  Mural Optically Clear Film Specs, Installation and Sample Photos.

TOUGHENED GLASS OPTION If you would prefer to have us print directly onto 6mm / .01FT thick toughened ultraclear glass, let’s do it.  The maximum printing size in one piece is 255cm x 125cm / 8.36 x 4.1FT. We also offer Powerpoint cutouts and will organise their exact location with you at the design stage. GLASS 3-7 DAYS + PRINTING SHIPS WITHIN 10 DAYS OF SIGNED E-PROOF (ALLOW 30 DAYS). *NOTE:  INSTALLATION POA. Toughened Glass Specifications and Sample Photos.

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