Vertical Tile Feature Strips

Ideal for modern tile designs, vertical tile feature strips are a creative and affordable way to individualise your bathroom build. For budget and yet unique wall tile designs, install single decorative tile strips or spread your design feature by splitting an artwork into strips. Choose from any of our tile sizes and your preferred orientation.  When it comes to matching your tile strip to adjoining tile designs, it looks best when your grout lines do not match.  Keep your artwork as the feature!

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Africa Grounded

VTFS02B Price It

Cliff Panorama Grounded

VTFS06B Price It

Harry’s Hut Grounded

VTFS15B Price It

Mollenhauers Rd Grounded

VTFS19C Price It

Peace of Burleigh Grounded

VTFS24B Price It

The Sum of Us Grounded

VTFS33B Price It

Zimbabwe Panorama Grounded

VTFS38B Price It

Ducks at Mollenhauers Rd

VTSF20B Price It

Silvery Ducks

VTFS19B Price It

Picnic Creek at Dawn Wide

VTFS42a Price It

Picnic Creek at Night Wide

VTFS42c Price It

Picnic Creek at Noon Wide

VTFS42b Price It

Picnic Creek at Dawn Double Tree

VTFS41a Price It

Picnic Creek at Night Double Tree

VTFS41c Price It

Picnic Creek at Noon Double Tree

VTFS41b Price It

Lute Falls

VTFS-40 Price It

Zimbabwe Plains

VTFS-38 Price It

Tropical Delight

VTFS-34 Price It

A Soothing Storm

VTFS-20 Price It

Cascade on Rocks

VTFS-14 Price It

Earthy Reveries

VTFS-05 Price It

Drifting Leaves

VTFS-09 Price It

Out on the Savannah

VTFS-02 Price It

Boogie Woogie

VTFS04 Price It

Venetian Dawn

VTFS-35 Price It

The Grand Canal

VTFS-36 Price It


VTFS-37 Price It

The Silver Lake

VTFS-19 Price It

Grevilleas over Water

VTFS-15 Price It

Art Deco Clouds

VTFS-10 Price It

Japanese Crane

VTFS-39 Price It

Night of the Carp

VTFS-23 Price It

Sailing into the Sunset

VTFS-27 Price It

The Isthmus

VTFS-28 Price It

Sun Spots

VTFS-29 Price It

Beach Pebbles

VTFS-31 Price It

The Waters’ Edge

VTFS-32 Price It

Raining Pebbles

VTFS-26 Price It

Coral Flowers

VTFS-21 Price It

Mossy Waters

VTFS-22 Price It

Desert Evening

VTFS-25 Price It

Cold Water Dash

VTFS-16 Price It

Hot and Cold

VTFS-17 Price It

Waterfalls in Bubbles

VTFS-18 Price It

Splish Splash!

VTFS-07 Price It

Yo Ho Ho

VTFS-08 Price It

Bubble Bath

VTFS-12 Price It

I’d rather be at Golf!

VTFS-03 Price It

Stormy Seas

VTFS-33 Price It

Rock Pools at Dawn

VTFS-24 Price It

Sunday Every day

VTFS-13 Price It

Surf’s Up!

VTFS-06 Price It

Cruisin’ on the Bay

VTFS-01 Price It

Print your own Vertical Tile Stripe Mural

Upload a high-resolution file of your artwork and include photos of where your mural will be installed so we can edit it to fit. Then check your art proof, request any changes and have your art printed and delivered. Easy! Printing and delivery costs are included but please check the box if you need help with outsourcing an image otherwise copyright ownership is your responsibility.




Warranty. Free Delievery Australia Wide. Low-VOC. Australian Made Banner Icons

When you buy decorative accent tiles from Australian artist and decorator Sharron Tancred, her vertical tile feature strips are unique to The Mural Shop! Decorative tile strips imbued the universal themes of light, water, travel, nature and love.

Choose from flat or textured printing with raised inks for a hand-painted finish. Please note that flat printed tile mural strips are easiest to clean within showers. VTFS & Tile Murals Specifications & Sample Photos. 

Vertical tile feature strips come triple laminated for longevity and are water and frost resistant. Tile accent strips are best cleaned with a liquid bleach solution. SHIPS WITHIN 14-21 DAYS FROM SIGNED E-PROOF PENDING TILE AVAILABILITY.

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