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Who is The Mural Shop for?
The Mural Shop allows anyone, anywhere, to easily incorporate art into their residential or commercial projects. It has been created to help architects, designers, builders and DIYers alike transform indoor and outdoor spaces and raise the emotional vibe of the space. We believe everyone deserves more heart, warmth, style and beauty in the places they live and work. Our art planning packages help you achieve the vibe you want!
What makes The Mural Shop so unique?
The Mural Shop makes luxury décor affordable for all budgets. We offer a range of design finishes featuring a diverse collection of original artworks for new builds and renovations. You can apply our art to glass, metal alloy, several films, tiles and mosaic, as well as print your own artwork or photograph onto these materials. We’re the first online shop to offer all of these products under one brand and by the one artist, Sharron Tancred. Add to this, Sharron’s team of decorators is unique as a custom art service.
Who created The Mural Shop?
Sharron Tancred, an artist, illustrator, graphic designer, interior decorator and art tech innovator.

Sharron exhibited at home shows for many years, where people would ask if she could install her artworks on bathroom tiles, or as glass wall art for room dividers. Others wanted large outdoor murals for pool walls and fences, mosaic art for feature walls and printed kitchen splashback murals. So she decided to bring all of these products together into one fully automated online shop!

In her associated business Tailored Artworks, she works on art inspired home renovations, creates custom artwork for corporate spaces and installs dementia exit diversion murals in aged care facilities. So, if you are after a custom art service for hand-painted artworks and murals, just chat with Sharron at Tailored Artworks!