Ceiling Murals

For a metamorphose into atmospheric awe

Ceiling Murals

Ceiling murals are perfect for prestige homeowners desiring atmospheric living or bedroom ceiling murals to cleverly uplift your fifth wall. A ceiling mural wallpaper will make a statement piece of your living, dining or foyer ceiling niche, suspended ceiling or floating ceiling design as seen in prestige kitchens. Custom ceiling murals from The Mural Shop can be made fully specified to your interior designer’s requirements. Add to this, your unique design finishes for ceilings will come pre-coated for your convenience, with an easy-clean, anti-bacterial, mold, mildew and fungal sealant.  Now select your mural design to send it to the Instant Price Calculator.


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Mural Designs

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Algerian Mirage in Pinks

CM00A Price It

Cloud Reflections

CM67 Price It

Crisp Leaf

CM-64 Price It

Fruits of Our Love

CM18 Price It

Sand Dreams

CM06 Price It

Raining Petals

CM56 Price It

Algerian Mirage

CM00 Price It

The Sum of Us

CM53 Price It

Lakeside Whims

CM36 Price It


CM35 Price It

I Dream

CM34 Price It

Ray of Sun- Fish

CM31 Price It


CM21 Price It

Fruits of Our Love - Tropical

CM19 Price It


CM15 Price It

Grounded Style Fruits of Our Love

CM18A Price It

Magnolia Grounded

CM15A Price It

The Sum of Us Grounded

CM53A Price It

Tranquility Grounded

CM35A Price It


CM14 Price It

Sweet Dreams

CM12 Price It

Our life’s dream

CM23 Price It

Grunge Life - Neutral

CM09 Price It


CM63 Price It

Grunge Life- Vibrant

CM08 Price It

Grunge Life- Monochrome

CM07 Price It


CM62 Price It

Tranquil Falls

CM60 Price It


CM05 Price It

Tranquil Forest

CM59 Price It

Geo Hues A

CM03 Price It


CM58 Price It

Geo Hues B

CM04 Price It


CM02 Price It

Waterfall in Summer

CM-66 Price It

Colour Burst

CM54 Price It

Super Fab Art

CM-65 Price It

Sand Dreaming

CM50 Price It

Sand Treasures

CM49 Price It


CM48 Price It

Orange Crush

CM47 Price It

Mountains of Serenity

CM46 Price It

Little Treasures

CM45 Price It

Slice of Kapalua

CM44 Price It

Sun Spotting

CM43 Price It

Organic Serenity

CM42 Price It

Paradise Streams

CM40 Price It

Oil Slick

CM39 Price It


CM37 Price It


CM38 Price It

Sunspots- Peaches

CM32 Price It


CM28 Price It

Fruit Punch

CM27 Price It

Sea Mist- D

CM26 Price It

Ray of Sun

CM25 Price It

Sea Mist-C

CM24 Price It

Sea Mist-B

CM22 Price It

Sea Mist-A

CM20 Price It

Waterfall in Autumn

CM17 Price It

Cool Change

CM16 Price It


CM13 Price It

Fighting Fish

CM11 Price It


CM10 Price It

Night of the Carp

CM57 Price It

Moonlight Carp

CM52 Price It

Starry Fiji Night

CM51 Price It

Autumn Haze

CM33 Price It


CM61 Price It

Blue Aurora

CM55 Price It

Mosby Dynamics

CM41 Price It

Spring Fragments

CM30 Price It

Boogie Woogie

CM29 Price It

Glistening Horizon

CM01 Price It

Print your own Custom Ceiling Murals

Upload a high-resolution file of your artwork and include photos of where your mural will be installed so we can edit it to fit. Then check your art proof, request any changes and have your art printed and delivered. Easy! Printing and delivery costs are included but please check the box if you need help with outsourcing an image otherwise copyright ownership is your responsibility.



An emotigraphic of our ceiling muralk proucts in spaces with a girl expressing rhapsody of how they feel

Warranty. Free Delievery Australia Wide. Low-VOC. Australian Made Banner Icons

Custom printed on HP latex presses, our ceiling murals come in an expensive-looking finish with no sheen. No need to buy a protective laminate either to protect your kitchen or bedroom ceiling murals. Our world-class technology comes specially sealed with anti-microbial, UV repellant, Mould, Mildew and Fungal inhibitors (coating) for extra longevity and cleaning ease with just soapy water. PRINTERS WARRANTY 2 YEARS | MANUFACTURERS WARRANTY 5 YEARS.  Photos, Specifications and Installation Guide.

In addition to delivering outstanding clarity and vibrancy, the HP latex inks we use are mould, mildew and scratch-resistant, extremely low VOC, PVC Free, odourless and Class A Flame retardant to Australian and New Zealand safety standards. Our ceiling mural art has a B1 fire rating – Fire Test AS/NZS 3837:1998.

Our ceiling mural wallpaper are thick drops of .6 or 1.3M wide/3.28FT for one or two-person application to apply and easily remove with water. Unlike Self-Pasting or Peel’N’Stick Wallpapers, Traditional Wallpaper will not peel off due if your paints have Teflon in them and, will adhere to unpainted walls and stay. Made exclusively for undercover use.  SHIPS WITHIN 10 DAYS FROM PRINTERS SIGNED E-PROOF.

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