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Transform your Pool or Garden into Shangri-La

Outdoor Murals

Original Outdoor Art by Australian Artist and Decorator Sharron Tancred will deliver your air of sophistication.  If you desire a stunningly unique space, Sharron’s custom outdoor murals on metal reflect premium quality compared to inferior products. Our weatherproof murals are delivered ready to hang, easy to move and inclusive of delivery Australia-wide or POA Internationally. Buying Outdoor Murals online with The Mural Shop is easy. Explore our themed Mural Design tabs, play with the Room Visualiser and receive an instant quote with the Price Calculator. Satisfy your desire for unique outdoor wall art with the best.


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Mural Designs

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My Fair Lady - Red

MOV73D Price It

My Fair Lady - Violet

MOV73C Price It

My Fair Lady - Yellow

MOV73A Price It

Coral Mountains

MOV-51 Price It

Beach Lights

MOV-52 Price It

Coloured Droplets

MOV-39 Price It

Magnolia Forest

MOV-30 Price It

Water Lights

MOV-16 Price It

Water Lights over Boulders

MOV-17 Price It

Water falls over Rocks

MOV-08 Price It

Sand Dreams

MOV-12 Price It

My Fair Lady - Grounded

MOV73B Price It

Always Grounded

MOV02b Price It

Fantasy Forest Grounded

MOV70B Price It

Grounded Forest

MOV68B Price It

Grounded Hideaway

MOV14B Price It

Happy Hearts Grounded

MOV41B Price It

Norfolk Reminisce Grounded

MOV46B Price It

Norman Creek Earthy

MOV06B Price It

Norman Creek Grounded

MOV05B Price It

Picnic Creek Grounded

MOV07B Price It

Fiordland Olive

MOV42b Price It

Opera De Cordelia Panorama

MOV71A Price It

Opera De Cordelia Spectators

MOV72A Price It


MOV-69 Price It

Venetian Sunrise

MOV-66 Price It

Pink Light of Paris

MOV-58 Price It

Retro Beach

MOV-50 Price It

Sunflower Farmer

MOV-53 Price It

Alhambra Palace

MOV-33 Price It

Jazz Music Art

MOV-34 Price It

The Big Apple

MOV-38 Price It

Billy Tea Romance

MOV-31 Price It

Nude by Waterfall

MOV-32 Price It

Kids in a Canoe

MOV-28 Price It

The Arrival

MOV-01 Price It

Lake of Beauty

MOV-02 Price It

Aussie Sunflowers

MOV-04 Price It

Magical Forest

MOV-68 Price It

Petal Storm

MOV-67 Price It

Precious Reef Dive

MOV-65 Price It

Clivias by Waterfall

MOV-55 Price It

Lake of Lilies

MOV-56 Price It

Rain Falls

MOV-54 Price It

Fiji Moss

MOV-41 Price It

Forest Evening

MOV-42 Price It

Forest Mosaic

MOV-43 Price It

Forest Kaleidescope

MOV-44 Price It


MOV-45 Price It

The Tigers

MOV-35 Price It

You Toucan Talk

MOV-36 Price It

You Toucan Rest

MOV-37 Price It

Scent of Magnolia

MOV-40 Price It

Delightfalls Left

MOV-23 Price It

Delightfalls Right

MOV-24 Price It

The Long Mist

MOV-25 Price It

Sunshine under the Sea

MOV-26 Price It


MOV-27 Price It

Alice in Magnolia

MOV-18 Price It

Silver King of Birds

MOV-19 Price It

Toucan Beach Left

MOV-21 Price It

Toucan Beach Right

MOV-22 Price It

Before Night

MOV-07 Price It

Whale Song

MOV-09 Price It

King of Birds

MOV-13 Price It

Outback Spring

MOV-05 Price It

Outback Winter

MOV-06 Price It

Grecian Desire

MOV-64 Price It

The Lovers

MOV-61 Price It

The Lovers Mosaic

MOV-62 Price It

Somehere in the Bahamas

MOV-63 Price It

The Mermaid Mural

MOV-57 Price It

Time for a Walk

MOV-48 Price It

Golf Daze

MOV-49 Price It

Waiting for the Tide

MOV-46 Price It

Summer Haze

MOV-47 Price It

Morning Sail

MOV-29 Price It

Night Drama

MOV-20 Price It

Beach Days

MOV-10 Price It

Beach Pandanas

MOV-11 Price It

Noosa Beach

MOV-14 Price It

Sea Froth

MOV-03 Price It

Chrysanthemum and Fish

MOV-59 Price It

Fuji Graffiti

MOV-60 Price It

Joy of Space

MOV-15 Price It

Print your own Outdoor Mural

Upload a high-resolution file of your artwork and include photos of where your mural will be installed so we can edit it to fit. Then check your art proof, request any changes and have your art printed and delivered. Easy! Printing and delivery costs are included but please check the box if you need help with outsourcing an image otherwise copyright ownership is your responsibility.



This diagram demonstrates how an outdoor artwork by Sharron Tancred at The Mural Shop makes you feel

Warranty. Free Delivery Australia Wide. Low-VOC. Australian Made Banner Icons

We have a one price fits all system. You can make your original outdoor art as large as you like with our Aluminium Composite Panels (ACP). Available in two sizes that we can trim for you or you can join the seams. Sizes are 122cm x 244cm/4x8Ft and 150cm x 305cm/4.92x10Ft.  Live better and in style with grand-scale outside art.

Select your ready-to-hang outdoor murals in gloss or matt. The glamour of gloss lasts longer because it catches less grime. As a result, you will have an incredible talking point for your garden, balcony or pool! Outdoor Murals Specifications and Photos

Our murals feature state-of-the-art anti-cracking, frost-resistant ink primers and 2 layers of UV repellant laminate for up to 10 years of beautiful colour in Australian and US climates. Our Brisbane printers provide a two-year ink warranty for your custom outdoor murals. SHIPS WITHIN 10 DAYS FROM SIGNED E-PROOF.

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