Custom Mosaic Tile Murals

Create an incredible conversation piece for your home with our toughest and most gorgeous all-weather product- modern mosaic art! Simply choose your desired artwork from our beautiful collection and then, using the price calculator enter the size you require. To create your stunning ordered looking mosaic art mural we digitise our art into rows of softly curved, high gloss colour! You will receive a proof and you may tweak any tile colour! Later your modern mosaic art will be engineered into amazing tile art sections, numbered, boxed and delivered safely to your door!


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My Fair Lady - Red

AM48D Price It

My Fair Lady - Violet

AM48C Price It

My Fair Lady - Yellow

AM48A Price It

Inside the Rain

AM-19 Price It

Waterfall of Pearls

AM-08 Price It


AM-10 Price It

Plunge into the Lights

AM-40 Price It

Froth on the Beach

AM-02 Price It

Little Pool

AM-03 Price It

Big Cool Wave

AM-04 Price It

Waterfall of Magnolias

AM-27 Price It

Candy Park

AM-30 Price It

Secret Reef

AM-32 Price It

Inside a Droplet

AM-20 Price It


AM-22 Price It

Fast Pace

AM-23 Price It

In-between the Raindrops

AM-25 Price It

Cold Splashes

AM-17 Price It

My Fair Lady - Grounded

AM48B Price It

Desert Twilight

AM-07 Price It

Alpine Twilight

AM-29 Price It

Country Creek

AM-14 Price It

Simple Times

AM-15 Price It

Toucan Tropics Right

AM-47 Price It

Life is Rich

AM-18 Price It

Toucan Tropics Left

AM-46 Price It

The Billabong

AM-09 Price It

Hawaii Flower

AM-42 Price It

Reef Dive

AM-37 Price It

Rainforest Tumble left

AM-12 Price It

Rainforest Tumble right

AM-13 Price It

Deep Down Magic

AM-33 Price It

Sea Sparkles

AM-35 Price It

Deep Dive

AM-36 Price It

See Delights

AM-05 Price It

Lorikeet Creek

AM-28 Price It

Nautical Miles

AM-31 Price It

Mist over Mountains

ADM-26 Price It

Fishing at Dusk

AM-45 Price It

I Dream a Mermaid

AM-43 Price It

Stormy Edge

AM-11 Price It

Island Sunrise

AM-38 Price It

Night Sail

AM-41 Price It

I am sailing

AM-01 Price It

Morning at the Cliffs

AM-34 Price It

The Drummers

AM-44 Price It

The Gondolas Mosaic

AM-39 Price It

Lake Lily Sunset

AM-06 Price It

La Alhambra Espanola

AM-24 Price It

Silver Waters

AM-16 Price It

Print your own Custom Mosaic Tile Murals

Have a space as unique as you are, the only one in the world when you Print Your Own Mural with The Mural Shop.  Upload a high-resolution file of your artwork and include photos of where your mural will be installed so we can edit it to fit. Then check your art proof, request any changes and have your art printed by us. Easy! Printing is included but please check the box if you need help with outsourcing an image otherwise copyright ownership is your responsibility.




What_Modern_Mosaic_Art_brings_into_your_life_by_Sharron_Tancred_The_Mural_Shop_buy_custom_mosaic_tile_murals _online_direct Warranty. Free Delivery Australia Wide. Low-VOC. Australian Made Banner Icons

INDOOR & OUTDOOR Custom mosaic tile murals are our toughest product for both indoor and outdoor use. Under lights at night Mosaic is gorgeous! Apply an anti-slip treatment and you will love how the curved, high gloss surface feels underfoot!

MOSAIC FOR ANY SIZED PROJECT Feature walls, tabletops, pools, spas, fountains, bathrooms, kitchens, bars, BBQs and laundries will all benefit from your beautiful mosaic tile art. Unlike glass a Mosaic splashback is streak-free when you clean it.

HIGHLY DURABLE Unlike other natural mosaic products, our custom mosaic tile murals are premium, lightfast quality with thermal shock and frost resistance, and tiny .2% absorption rate. Mosaic is resistant to crazing, fading, staining, chemical cleaning and scrubbing! DELIVERY TIME 3-4 WEEKS Specifications Instructions and Photos

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