Dementia Door Disguises

Reduce exit door stress with our dementia door disguises! Dementia exit diversion wraps remove the thought of escape from residents resulting in an overall calmer atmosphere and better health. These natural-looking interior door decals are enhanced for visuospatial awareness and can be made in partnership with you to suit any sized door or colour! Our exit diversion strategies and cupboard door decorations add colour, texture and atmosphere to positively lift the vibe while addressing resident behaviourisms.

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Mural Designs

Dementia Door Disguises include a flat $180 AUD Design fee (added automatically to the calculator)

Design Fee includes a brief via Zoom and the provision of schematics for you to provide your measurements to us. Then, adjustments to our existing designs to fit your measurements. In addition, adaptations or entirely new designs based on your brief, to alleviate specific, problematic, dementia resident behaviour such as anger at doors, possessiveness or weeing on doors.

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Balcony View of Grevilleas - Double or Single

DD04a Price It

Aluminium Door with Grevilleas - Double

DD02c Price It

Beach Boats and Galah - Double

DD04d Price It

Beach Gazing Dog - Single

DD05a Price It

Boat and Seascape - Double

DD04e Price It

City Skyline - Single

DD06b Price It

Country Livin’ - Double

DD09b Price It

Country Livin’ - Single

DD09a Price It

Garden Party - Single

DD06a Price It

Little Boats - Tall

DD01a Price It

Little Boats - Wide

DD Price It

Pandana, Boat and Galah - Single or Double

DD04c Price It

Pebbles and Palms - Double

DD08a Price It

Pebbles and Palms - Single

DD08b Price It

Silver Wood and Grevilleas - Single or Double

DD04b Price It

Stained Glass and Grevilleas - Double

DD02b Price It

Stained Glass and Grevilleas - Single

DD02a Price It

Tropical Fish Tank

DD03a Price It

Wrought Iron and City Reflections - Single

DD07a Price It

Baby Blue- Double

BH13 Price It

Baby Blue-Single

BH14 Price It

Blue Stripes- Double

BH01 Price It

Blue Stripes- Single

BH02 Price It

Boarded Up-Double

BH09 Price It

Boarded Up-Single

BH10 Price It


BH27 Price It


BH28 Price It

Family Fun Day-Double

BH07 Price It

Family Fun Day-Single

BH08 Price It

Frosted Wood-Double

BH29 Price It

Frosted Wood-Single

BH30 Price It

Peach Hut- Double

BH03 Price It

Peach Hut-Single

BH04 Price It

Peppermint Stripes-Double

BH23 Price It

Peppermint Stripes-Single

BH24 Price It

Pineapple Hut-Double

BH05 Price It

Pineapple Hut-Single

BH06 Price It

Rainbow Hut-Double

BH19 Price It

Rainbow Hut-Single

BH20 Price It

Red, White and Blue- Single

BH21 Price It

Red, White and Blue-Double

BH22 Price It

Rusted Blue-Double

BH25 Price It

Rusted Blue-Single

BH26 Price It

Rustic Signage-Single

BH18 Price It

Sandy Hut-Double

BH11 Price It

Sandy Hut-Single

BH12 Price It

Sweet Pea-Double

BH15 Price It

Sweet Pea-Single

BH16 Price It

Print your own Custom Dementia Door Disguise

Upload a high-resolution file of your artwork and include photos of where your mural will be installed so we can edit it to fit. Then check your art proof, request any changes and have your art printed and delivered. Easy! Printing and delivery costs are included but please check the box if you need help with outsourcing an image otherwise copyright ownership is your responsibility.



What_door_disguises and_cupboard_diversion_decorations_do_to-change-dementia_resident_behaviours-Infographic-by-Sharron-Tancred-The_Mural_Shop


Exit diversion strategies for Coolibah Aged Care in Perth created by The Mural Shop Cupboard diversion decorations- The Beach Hut Series designed for Seasons Aged Care by The Mural Shop

FINISH & WARRANTY-  HP’S state-of-the-art ink technology is stable up to 10 years. Our blends of opaque and translucent door disguises for dementia have a natural, no-plastic-sheen velvet matt finish. Wash them with nice clean water as often as you like. 2 YEAR PRINTERS WARRANTY and DELIVERY 7-10 DAYS from design approval.

INSTALLATION- DIY installers and facility workers can easily hang our exit diversion strategies using the supplied tool and instructions. Multiple repositioning is problem-free!  The Beach Huts Series is a fun DIY project your maintenance person will love. Download these instructions

SAFETY- Our all-natural dementia door decorations made in Australia and their inks have been tested and cleared for fire safety to meet all Australian and New Zealand standards. Complete Specifications, Installation, Eco, Fire and Product Sample Photos Pack


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