Dementia Room Door Wayfinding Wraps

For Aged Care organisations who truly want to create a genuinely homelike physical environment, the key factor is room doors that are the most highly reminiscent to your resident.

But how do you find the right one out of the millions of door styles in the world! The world’s biggest range of Dementia room door decals is at True Doors ®. Therefore, to create the best win, win, win for everyone, The Mural Shop by Tailored Artworks, has sold its door wraps range to True Doors, becoming their Queensland representative. In turn, True Doors will advocate our Environmental Design strategies for Dementia in Queensland and beyond.

Together, as True Doors ®. partners, we can help you holistically prevent costly time-consuming dementia-specific behaviours at the build, renovation or decorating stage. Simply by uniting your selection of resident room door wayfinding wraps with our highly specialized Dementia exit door disguises to relieve exit door anger and then our Interior Decorating Services to create an out and about vibe.

True Doors ® decals are a uniquely effective design solution, transforming impersonal hallways where elders spend a great deal of time into a welcoming, comfortable, and loving neighbourhoods with homes.

We want the BEST for your residents and so do you.  Book a complimentary call with Sharron Tancred now to help you select your True Doors range and allow them to inspire your diversion and disguises strategies to create a loving, homely environment for your elders.

NB: True Doors meets Australian Safety requirements (AS/NZS 1530.3)

NEWSFLASH!  The Interior Designers Association (IDA) has nominated Sharron Tancred for the Housing Industry Australia (HIA) Building Women’s Awards in the categories of Professional Women and Achievement in Manufacture and Supply within the Aged Care and Dementia space.  You are in good hands with Sharron.

Door Wraps Diagram of Wresley Mission Dementia Facility Renovation by The Mural Shop and Tailored Artworks