The Blue Screen Door


The Colour Psychology of Blue relates to safety, truth and communication – the colur for justice, police, computer ans pool companies!

Length Unit


M29-Dementia_door_deckle-Simple-timber and screen-door.jpg

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  1. Marshall Rousu

    Great info for house decoration. Here is the article about my house decoration, please give some suggestions:

    • Sharron

      HI Marshall, Lovely home. Natural Modern, though being so grey, the Colour Psychology could feel depressing. I think you need some artwork with your natural colour palette and some fresh greens and warm timber hues in it. Art that sais what the space is all about.
      I can have my interior designer apply some suggestions to your spaces if you like?
      We have a Custom-er Help Desk for this wonderful service right here:
      Let us know!
      Regards, Sharron Tancred

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