Fuji Graffiti

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Japanese graffiti art creates an edgy, street feel and yet, the mountain, sea and encroaching giant octopus adds fantasy amidst a nautical theme. Very cool outdoor wall art!

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MOV60-Jap Street Art-Moveable Outdoor Murals by The Mural Shop.tiff


Weight 1.3122 kg
Dimensions 54 × 54 × 4.3 cm


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Installation Guide


Our weatherproof murals from the land of droughts and floods, come non-flammable and resistant to rust, alkaline, salt, chlorine, UV light, heat, frost, staining and cracking. Installing your art in the shade ensures more than ten years of enjoyment.

We deliver ready-to-hang, triple laminated metal alloy murals in gloss, matt or satin.

  • Art is flat printed onto 2mm thick Galvanized Treadplate Aluminium made By Hardies
  • The metal sheeting weighs 6.6kg per m2.
  • Multiply your height x width to get the total meters 2 and then this sum x 6.6 to gauge its weight.
  • Buy enough hanging mechanisms for this total weight.
  • Sheet metal comes in set sizes which we cut down to suit your needs using a table saw. The finish is then smoothed off.


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