Family Fun Day-Single


Length Unit


Single Door Edition: This striped beach hut design radiates nostalgia of family beach days!


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  1. Enter your door’s height and width inside of its architrave on The Mural Shop product page.
  2. We’ll edit and print your chosen beach hut to fit. The roof will go beyond the architrave.
  3. Once received, you’ll trim away the excess white space.
  4. Paint bright block colours on your sidewalls as shown in this diagram (link) to create the illusion of a 3D beach hut!
  5. Leave your door handles unpainted as they’ll blend in.
  6. Now choose six colours and follow our…

Printable 3 page Beach Huts Wrap Installation & 7 Step Mural Instructions

  1. Paint a light blue background under the cornice for the sky
  2. Paint simple white cloud shapes from architrave to cornice
  3. Paint a white diagonal left or right of rooves when there is a door gap
  4. Navy – Architrave to top of beach hut eaves
  5. Yellow – Eaves to handrail
  6. Red – Handrail to floor
  7. Turquoise – Handrail to floor 360° around your room to symbolise water behind the huts

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