Door disguise for dementia – Beautiful murals delivering proven exit diversion strategies!

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Hand-painted art by Sharron Tancred transformed into door disguise for Alzheimers.

The Wicking Dementia course advocates door disguise for dementia. As a result, we have created this series of wraps based on our proven exit diversion strategies. Importantly, we offer you our unique point of difference in that these murals were originally hand-painted by our artist and decorator and wayfinding and exit diversion expert, Sharron Tancred. Sharron’s worked with dementia experts since 2009 and in 2021, completed the Wicking Dementia Course. Hence, our exit diversion murals align with the Wicking door disguise suggestions.  Over time, we have developed exit diversion philosophies based on murals installed within care homes.   For instance, suggesting to your resident, that they can see there, but not go there.  Also, reinforcing the principles of Eden Design to imbued an out and about feeling for a sense of happiness and involvement.  At the same time, carefully positioning cues to engage interaction such as a kookaburra, rooster, lizard, or spiny fish that says stay away- from the door handle or opening door.  Alternately, a dementia-friendly dog or cat to encourage your residents to move way from your danger zone to pat them in the safe zone!  In these ways, our door disguise for dementia encourages movement, brings nature in and relieves anxiety.

The Mural Shop stresses 3 principles that support the delivery of door disguise for Alzheimers.  Firstly, we prefer art over photography and a matt finish for a less corporate more natural atmosphere. Secondly, each door disguise for dementia has been crafted to blend with almost any door architecture. Indeed, we even take into account luminosity, contrast and shadows to empower your residents to perceive our cues. By transforming a door frame into a window or believably framed scene, we distract your resident from the stress of exit seeking.  Lastly, our memory cues are relevant to the murals setting.  To illustrate, a country or coastal scene reinforces a traditional, quaint or rustic framework which could enhance your decor style! Alternately, an elegant city view can support a modern decor style. Finally we have created other collections of dementia room door wraps including the Art and Beach Hut Series, Rustic, Modern, Ethnic and Classic Australian. The Art and Beach Hut Series offer alternative exit diversion strategies.

“Sharron’s dementia unit design techniques certainly have had a positive impact on the behaviour of the residents in the dementia wing. Residents are no longer going for the door, instead they are admiring and walking away from the door. Good outcome.” – Regis Aged Care, Wellington Point.

Enter your door height and width within your selected exit diversion design for an instant quote. See also, 3 Custom-er Help Desk packages to assist with Colour Psychology, wayfinding and interior decorating.

HP’S state-of-the-art ink technology is stable up to 10 years. Our exit diversion wraps have a natural, no-plastic-sheen velvet matt finish. Wash them with nice clean water as often as you like.

DIY installers and facility workers can easily hang our door disguise for Alzheimers using the supplied tool and instructions. Multiple repositioning is problem-free!
Cleaning and installation Guide

Our all-natural Wicking door disguise are made in Australia.  Their inks have been tested and cleared for fire safety to meet all Australian and New Zealand standards.
Product Testing Report | Safety Rating Certificate.


Now, select your favourite door disguise for dementia made in Australia!  Or, upload your own image using the Print Your Own Custom Door Wrap app below.


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Installation Guide
Alternately, visit Facebook’s Sign Installers Australia Group to find a installer near you!

HP gives 10 years for indoor inks subject to how the surface is being treated, and how much sun exposure your mural receives. Our printers themselves give a 2-year ink warranty.  Most Australian consumer warranties are 12 – 24 months at the most.


  • Natural textile appearance and feel
  • Peel and stick for easy mounting – repositionable
  • Easy removal with no residue – removeable
  • Grey adhesive for non show through when overlapping
  • Printed with HP Latex Inks which are safe super eco-friendly inks that contain no hazardous materials, heavy metals or expose you to any volatile organic compounds (VOC’s). HP Latex Inks are UL ECOLOGO ® Certified and UL Greenguard GOLD Certified and meet a range of stringent human health criteria. The inks are also non-flammable, non-combustible and odourless.