Dementia Door Wraps for Wayfinding

Make dementia resident room door wayfinding easier for your residents with our high-quality dementia door decorations made in Australia! These natural look interior door decals are enhanced for visuospatial awareness and can be made to suit any sized door or colour! These print-on-demand interior door decals add colour, texture and atmosphere to positively lift the vibe of dementia unit design simultaneously addressing resident behaviourisms.

Client Testimonial ”Excellent news – the door wrap went up! We are beyond happy with it. And we have had a great response from the resident. She actually recognised it as her home door and named her home address. It was so wonderful to see. We are currently waiting for another resident’s home door photo to order another from you. Thank you for your assistance we look forward to an ongoing working relationship!” Manager, Whiddon Aged Care.

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Don’t Park Here!

AS-01-1 Price It

I’m a Genius!

AS-02-1 Price It

Gimme Art

AS-03-1 Price It

For the Rebel

AS-04-1 Price It

Time for Wine

AS-22-1 Price It

Rocky Mountain Pines

AS-23-1 Price It


AS-24-1 Price It

Underwater Utopia

AS-25-1 Price It

Tree in Winter

AS-14-1 Price It

Their Little Hands

AS-18-1 Price It

Colour Splashes

AS-15-1 Price It


AS-19-1 Price It

Light on Water

AS-16-1 Price It


AS-17-1 Price It

Pool of Tranquillity

AS-20-1 Price It

Pool of Waterlily

AS-21-1 Price It

My Kids Did This

AS-10-1 Price It

Delicate Art of China small

AS-07-1 Price It

Water Hits the Spot

AS-08-1 Price It


AS-09-1 Price It

I See Rainbows

AS-11-1 Price It

Fast and Racey

AS-12-1 Price It

The Orchard

AS-13-1 Price It

Spiritual Naga Art

AS-05-1 Price It

Delicate Art of China large

AS-06-1 Price It

The Cowgirl

R-08a-1 Price It

A Bit Rusty

R-09-1 Price It

Timber Flowers

R-10-1 Price It


R-07C-1 Price It

The Cowboy

R-08-1 Price It

Country Suburbs

R-03-1 Price It

Country Quaker

R-04-1 Price It

The Barn House

R-06-1 Price It

Rustic Shack

R-07A-1 Price It

Rustic Spread

R-07B-1 Price It

The Lake Tahoe House

R-01-1 Price It

Little Lake Tahoe

R-02-1 Price It

Safe in Europe

M-30-1 Price It

Mrs White

M-31-1 Price It

Missie White

M-32-1 Price It

Modern Apartment

M-33-1 Price It

Red Door

M-34-1 Price It


M-24-1 Price It

Frenchie and Co

M-25-1 Price It

The Beer Bottle Door

M-26-1 Price It

Plain Ugly Door

M-27-1 Price It

Yellow Frenchie

M-28-1 Price It

The Blue Screen Door

M-29-1 Price It

Timber Slat

M-17-1 Price It

Bevelled Geometrics

M-18-1 Price It

Lotsa Kids here!

M-19-1 Price It

The Timber Worker

M-20-1 Price It


M-21-1 Price It

Black and French

M-22-1 Price It

Electric Fun

M-23-1 Price It

No One Home

M-14-1 Price It

Todays Home

M-15a-1 Price It

Todays 1 Storey Home

M-15-1 Price It

Big 80’s Style

M-16a-1 Price It

Little 80’s Style

M16-1 Price It

Like a Fortress

M-08-1 Price It

New but Old

M-10-1 Price It

New but Old and Single

M-11-1 Price It

Like the Aegean Sea

M-12a-1 Price It

Mini Aegean Sea

M-12-1 Price It

Backyard Reflections

M-13-1 Price It

Slump Glass Retro

M-02-1 Price It

Space Age

M-03-1 Price It

Floral Metal

M-04-1 Price It

Balcony scene

M-05-1 Price It

Dappled Light

M-06-1 Price It

A Quiet Place

M-07-1 Price It

The Exotic East

E-19-1 Price It

Christmas Every Day

E-14-1 Price It

Umbrian Cathedral

E-15-1 Price It

Traditional Chinese Wonder

E-16-1 Price It

Thai Splendour

E-17-1 Price It

More Thai Splendour

E-18-1 Price It

Touch of India

E-07-1 Price It

The Vault

E-08-1 Price It

Somewhere There

E-09-1 Price It

Mexican Magic

E-10-1 Price It

Scandi Barn

E-11-1 Price It

We’re closed!

E-12-1 Price It

Exotic USA!

E-13-1 Price It

Aged Mediterranean

E-02-1 Price It

The Shutter Door

E-03-1 Price It

Art Deco

E-04-1 Price It

Turkish Delight

E-05-1 Price It

China Town

E-06-1 Price It

Middle East

E-01-1 Price It

Everyone’s Aussie Door

CA-33-1 Price It

Opposite the church

CA-30-1 Price It

The Black Aussie Glossy!

CA-31-1 Price It

Brown is Beautiful

CA-32-1 Price It

The Orange Shop Door

CA-25-1 Price It

The Brown Door

CA-28-1 Price It

Little Blue Bird

CA-29-1 Price It

Home sweet home!

CA-19-1 Price It

The Hobbit Door

CA-20-1 Price It

Like Comfy Old Shoes

CA-21-1 Price It

The Red Door

CA-22-1 Price It

The Orange Door

CA-23-1 Price It

The Grey Door

CA-24-1 Price It

The Purple Shop Door

CA-25A-1 Price It

Stained Glass?and floral!

CA-12-1 Price It

Keep out!

CA-13-1 Price It

We lived on the hill.

CA-14-1 Price It

It had stained glass.

CA-15-1 Price It

A man’s door!

CA-16-1 Price It

Home by the sea.

CA-17-1 Price It

Haunted House.

CA-18-1 Price It

Workers Cottage

CA-06-1 Price It

Schmantsy Pantsy!

CA-07-1 Price It

Awww. Nothing fancy.

CA-08-1 Price It

Less than fancy.

CA-09-1 Price It

Aussie Duet

CA-10-1 Price It

Aussie Solo

CA-11-1 Price It

We come from royalty, you know.

CA-01-1 Price It

Our Big Ol Colonial

CA-02-1 Price It

Our Little’ Ol Colonial

CA-03-1 Price It

It was big and white!

CA-04-1 Price It

Kinda Workers Cottage

CA-05-1 Price It

Print your own Custom Dementia Door Wrap Mural

Upload a high-resolution file of your artwork and include photos of where your mural will be installed so we can edit it to fit. Then check your art proof, request any changes and have your art printed and delivered. Easy! Printing and delivery costs are included but please check the box if you need help with outsourcing an image otherwise copyright ownership is your responsibility.






FINISH & WARRANTY HP’S state-of-the-art ink technology is stable up to 10 years. Our dementia door decals have a natural, no-plastic-sheen velvet matt finish. Wash them with nice clean water as often as you like. 2 YEAR PRINTERS WARRANTY and DELIVERY 7-10 DAYS from design approval!

INSTALLATION DIY installers and facility workers can easily hang our dementia-friendly signage using the supplied tool and instructions. Multiple repositioning is problem-free!

SAFETY Our all-natural dementia door decorations made in Australia and their inks have been tested and cleared for fire safety to meet all Australian and New Zealand standards. Complete Specifications, Installation, Eco, Fire and Product Sample Photos Pack 

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