Boats, Sea Froth and Whales

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The complete artwork encompassing Whale of a Time and Boating on Sea Froth. If you have children and want to create a fun family home with a beach theme, choose this! It’s contemporary-natural, a bit funky and utterly lovable!

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Printed on Overlaminate Film
Printed on Toughened Glass
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GM92-Ray-of Sun-Glass-Mural-by-The-Mural-Shop


Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 90 × 9 × 9 cm


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Optically Clear Film Installation Guide



Glass wall art printed onto overlaminate film is ready to ship within 3-5 days. Minimum order is 2 square meters.
To select overlaminate film, please choose the ‘Printed on Overlaminate Film’ option when you choose your artwork.

  • Overlaminate film uses pressure activated adhesion, which in signage applications requires a flat roll over table for even measured pressure.
  • Clear film is very hard to apply without visible dust/debris and micro air bubbles so a professional is recommended for application.
  • Protects substrates.
  • Adheres to furniture, suits undulating shapes and curves.
  • Surface must be non-porous to ensure excellent adhesion and premium longevity.
  • Suitable for laminated surfaces, windows and glass dividing walls.
  • Can adhere to Perspex, marble, polished surfaces, anything non-porous.
  • Use as tile decals – trimmed to the grout lines.
  • Superior protection of digitally printed graphics and signs with exceptional clarity.
  • Unmatched conformability, and clarity with a UV extension factor of 3 years.
  • Not guaranteed for damp areas like bathroom screens
  • Affine enough to allow substrate textures to shown and feel through



Toughened glass murals are ready to ship within 14-17 days.
To buy artwork printed onto glass, please choose the ‘Printed on Toughened Glass’ option when you choose your artwork.

Our glass wall design features can be printed onto certified 6mm thick, Starfire toughened glass, triple laminated and fade resistant for up to 10 years out of direct sunlight.

  • Glass – 6mm thick, Starfire toughened glass, triple laminated and fade resistant for up to 10 years out of direct sunlight.
  • Glass is made and toughened then printed.
  • GLASS WEIGHT 15kg/m2.
  • Bubble-wrapped fully 5cm plus corrugated cardboard on the print side and around all edges so allow total 6cm.