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Tech-savvy artist Sharron Tancred ditched the middle man so you can afford to buy outdoor murals online that have real style.  Indeed, Sharron’s weatherproof murals create ideal solutions for windy balconies, garden fences, concrete walls and make incredible pool wall art ideas. Create interest and fix eyesores with Sharron’s cost-effective alternative to a hand-painted mural. Our custom outdoor murals come ready to hang and easy to move!

To achieve an authentic, real art look full of beauty, meaning and atmosphere our outdoor wall art select our 3D textured printing instead of flat, for a hand-painted aesthetic!  Then, to create the illusion of more space choose a custom outdoor mural that will connect your interior and exterior designs. The bigger your art the less cluttered it feels and the more depth you will create!

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Treadplate metal sheets are available as large as 240x120cm. Grander scale outdoor wall art will be printed and shipped as individually packaged, seamless sections due to their weight.

We deliver ready-to-hang, triple laminated metal alloy murals in gloss, matt or satin. Imbued an incredible talking point for your garden, balcony or as pool wall art ideas!

Our weatherproof murals from the land of droughts and floods, come non-flammable and resistant to rust, alkaline, salt, chlorine, UV light, heat, frost, staining and cracking. Installing your art in the shade ensures more than ten years of enjoyment.

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Now, select your favourite weatherproof mural to get a price! Alternatively, upload your own image using the Print Your Own Outdoor Mural app below!

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Upload ONE high-resolution file of your artwork and include photos of where it will be installed so we can edit it to fit. Then check your proof, request any changes and have your art printed and delivered as this design finish. Easy! Printing and delivery costs are additional and copyright ownership is your responsibility.

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Sharron’s art is all about quality outdoor wall art that enriches your life with style, beauty and meaning.Outdoor-wall-art-ideas-by-The-Mural-Shop

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