The Beach Hut Series – Beach themed Door Deckles that make clearly locked doors fun!

The Eden Alternative philosophy can be delightfully expressed in aged care and dementia facility design with beach hut door wraps. They are an excellent solution for concealing rows of dementia facility cupboard doors, exit doors and fire doors.

Use these instructions to measure and install The Mural Shop’s beach theme door wraps in seven easy steps. Your maintenance team or painter can easily use our simple six colour mural formula to give your residents a row of colourful beach huts.

The friendliest ideas for dementia facility cupboard doors are those where residents wouldn’t even consider opening them. Beach huts naturally have numerous decorative locks! We have kept them all.

Dementia facility design inspired by The Eden Alternative is about security, enjoyment and connectedness to time, place and nature. These attributes, combined with clearly contrasting colours, memory cues and a strong wayfinding strategy, make our beach themed door wraps ideal environmental design for dementia.

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