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Adding colour so it makes sense for visuospatial perception and creates more interactive dementia unit design.

Make dementia resident room door wayfinding easier for your residents with our high-quality dementia door decorations made in Australia! These natural look interior door decals are enhanced for visuospatial awareness and can be made to suit any sized door or colour! Sharron Tancred, artist and founder of The Mural Shop is an expert in dementia friendly signage and environmental design for dementia. Her themed collection of dementia door decals includes her Art and Beach Hut Series, Rustic, Modern, Ethnic and Classic Australian styles. The Art and Beach Hut Series both offer exit diversions for dangerous doors and hallway cupboards, as well as dementia door wraps for interaction.

These print-on-demand interior door decals add colour, texture and atmosphere to positively lift the vibe of dementia unit design simultaneously addressing resident behaviourisms. All of our door wraps are easy to clean and reusable!

“Sharron’s dementia unit design techniques certainly have had a positive impact on the behaviour of the residents in the dementia wing. Residents are no longer going for the door, instead they are admiring and walking away from the door. Good outcome.” – Regis Aged Care, Wellington Point.

Enter your door height and width within your selected dementia door wraps design for an instant quote. Additionally, Sharron’s interior decorating and colour psychology assistance for dementia resident room door wayfinding, is available via 3 packages at the Custom-er Help Desk!

HP’S state-of-the-art ink technology is stable up to 10 years. Our dementia door decals have a natural, no-plastic-sheen velvet matt finish. Wash them with nice clean water as often as you like.

DIY installers and facility workers can easily hang our dementia-friendly signage using the supplied tool and instructions. Multiple repositioning is problem-free!
Cleaning and installation Guide

Our all-natural dementia door decorations made in Australian and their inks have been tested and cleared for fire safety to meet all Australian and New Zealand standards.
Product Testing Report | Safety Rating Certificate.


Now, select your favourite  dementia door decorations made in Australia!  Or, upload your own image using the Print Your Own Custom Door Wrap app below.

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Print your own Custom Door Wrap

Upload ONE high-resolution file of your artwork and include photos of where your dementia door decals will be installed so we can edit them to fit. Then check your proof, request any changes and we will print and deliver your all natural interior door decals. Easy! Printing and delivery costs are additional and copyright ownership is your responsibility.

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Our CEO Sharron Tancred spent weekends photographing her dementia friendly signage! Her passion, printed with a velvet matt finish, gives you truly natural-looking doors.

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