Custom Printed Glass Murals - For big atmospheric statements!

Glass wall design features imbued truly stunning focal points for internal glass doors, windows, screens and tabletops.

The translucency of glass wall art allows light to flow through while creating a sense of privacy. It has the added benefit of safety in contrast to plain glass, enriching your space with a discernible veil of art.

Our selection of artworks for custom printed glass murals will help create the illusion of space and individualise your home. Tones have been strengthened to enhance film colour and light penetration. However, these are custom printed glass murals, your colours can be softened, muted or saturated upon request. We have two options to offer you truly versatile solutions!

To receive artwork recommendations and see them in-situ, please visit the Custom-er Help Desk.

Our glass wall design features can be printed onto certified 6mm thick, Starfire toughened glass, triple laminated and fade resistant for up to 10 years out of direct sunlight.  Select “Printed on Toughened Glass” when you choose your artwork.

For cost-effective glass wall art on existing glass or oversized surfaces, we print on high-quality clear matte or gloss finish film. Our 1.1mL solvent-based, pressure-sensitive, acrylic overlaminate film is ideal for application to any non-porous, undulating or curved surface! Select “Printed on Overlaminate Film” when you choose your artwork.

You will receive two copies of your custom glass mural film as a single-sided adhesive with a white backing film. For longevity in damp spaces, we advise positioning the printed side within the dry interior. Otherwise, silicon your mural between a slim sheet of glass! As always, a professional installer will achieve the best outcome.

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Now, select your favourite glass wall art to get a price!  Or, upload your own image using the Print Your Own Custom Glass Mural app below.

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Print your own Custom Glass Mural

Upload ONE high-resolution file of your artwork and include photos of where it will be installed so we can edit it to fit. Then check your custom printed glass murals’ proof, request any changes and have your glass wall art printed and delivered! Easy! Printing and delivery costs are additional and copyright ownership is your responsibility.

$70au + gst



Artist Sharron Tancred wants you to enjoy the sensation of immersing yourself in art as light. As big glass wall design features they will enrich your life with beauty, magic and relevance. Custom-printed-glass-murals-by-Sharron Tancred_The-Mural-Shop_buy_glass_wall_art_online_direct_from_the_Artist

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