Art Digitised into Mosaic


Custom Mosaic Tile Murals, engineered into perfect rows of mosaic tile create Modern Mosaic Art.  You will be simply delighted when these real ceramic tiles are under lights at night! We promise!

Brisbane Artist and Decorator, Sharron Tancred has designed every artwork for emotional satisfaction using Colour Psychology and the rules of Interior Design.  Want more personalisation? Please find professional design assistance at our Custom-er Help Desk!

Our process is simple. Select your artwork to see it cropped to your required size and after that digitised into tile colours. You will not be limited to only a few colours with our state-of-the-art technology!

Within weeks, your Modern Mosaic Art is delivered to your door, boxed and numbered.  You can DIY your Mosaic tile art or contract a professional tiler.  A custom Mosaic tile art creates a stunning, long-wearing conversation piece.

Art into Mosaic is a premium lightfast quality product with just .2% absorption rate, plus thermal shock and frost resistance. Additionally, our Mosaic is fully resistant to crazing, fading, staining, chemical cleaning and hard scrubbing.

There is no size limit for our modern art murals.  Because our tiles are just .97cm squared and crafted from up to 57 colours, tones and metallics, they are ideal for large surfaces. Apply an anti-sip treatment, and you will love how the curved, high gloss surface feels underfoot.

Custom Mosaic Tile Murals by The Mural Shop are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. For example, bars, feature walls, mailboxes, tabletops, fountains, retaining walls, pools, spas, bathroom walls, kitchens, BBQ and laundry splashbacks will all benefit from a beautiful Mosaic.

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Print your own Mosaic Mural

Upload your largest artwork file (ONE) and include an image/s of where it’s going so we can adjust its colour and quality to fit! Then, complete the online purchase process. Later, check your proof, request any changes (ONE), and have your art as this Design Finish printed and delivered! Easy!

$70au + gst


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