Collaboration Program for Artists

See your art on building products and make a commission through our artist collaboration program. 


Artists,  discover how you can get your art into more homes with printed reproductions on innovative and unique building subtrates. Take your art to a whole new level, reimagined in glass, mosaic, tile and more!

Commissions: You earn a 10% commision straight into your bank account. The average residential sale price is $1000-$3500  ($100-$350 commission) Earn back your annual subscription and more !

Expert Curation and Digital Editing: No need to have interior decorating knowledge, we will go through your art and curate and digitally edit a collection for each of our products. we review your art collection regularly to see what is performing and what can be changed or added to. 

Social Media Marketing: We will market your art on our social platforms using digitally superimposed samples of your work in spaces that you can use on your own socials. We also often run instagram and facebook ad campaigns.

General Marketing:  We will feature you on our new Artists profile page with your photo and artworks- great for backlinking to your website and to ours from yours, to build your Google presence. We will integrate your name into our SEO and write about you in our e-newsletters.

We manage sales for you: We will deal with and follow up on all online and phone inquiries. We will also drive potential sales your way through our mother company, Tailored Artworks. 

We take care of production,  worldwide freight and logistics:  All our products are shipped direct from our suppliers worldwide via our dedicated International Shipping Agents. 

Fast custom production: Local deliveries typically shipped within 7-30 days of final sign-off

Variety:  Ten beautiful art finishes for Splashback, Tile, Glass, 3 Films plus Art Wallpaper, Aluminium Composite Panel and Mosaic. More coming

Compliance:  QBCC Legislations Compliant, Australian and New Zealand Safety Standards, all available here

Specialized Aged Care products:  Your art can have a positive social impact

Low Waste and Minimalist Design:  Minimalist design that feels complete allowing developers to use them as heroes, and save elsewhere. Residents will feel less inclined to clutter and decorate when you provide a beautiful focal point for them

Australian Made and Owned License:  For all products except Mosaic which is robotically engineered in Taiwan



AU US Product specifications and pricing guide


Love it?  Now, join our collaboration program and reap the benefits!

Here’s how it works:


1. Choose your plan and sign up to our annual subscription

$5o0 p/a for a 5 artwork collection

$900 p/a for a 10 artwork collection

$1600 p/a for a 20 artwork collection

2. Send us high resolution photographs of your art

We will work with you to select the best artworks for your collection.

3. We will digitally prepare your art

We edit and manipulate a version of each of your artworks for our entire product range and list it on our site. 

4. We market you

We create marketing material for social media which you can use on your own socials, we give you an artist profile on our site and promote you on our enewsletters and other platforms. 

5. You earn. 

On every sale of your artwork, you earn a 10% commission. 


Lets start selling

Just sign up and we will look after you : )

Let’s talk!

Phone: 61734916400

Email: sharron@tailoredartworks.com.au

I hope to hear from you soon,

Sharron Tancred

The Mural Shop blends art, colour psychology and technology to transform everyday building products into beautiful and meaningful design finishes. Uniquely, Sharron Tancred's work is only available direct at our mural store online.

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