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Building, Renovating or Decorating? Create points of difference with beauty and relevance through Design Finishes inspired by Art! 


Art inspired Interior Design Finishes are a communication channel for Architects, Interior Designers and Boutique Home Builders to Homeowner tastes and vice-versa. Art finishes previously existed only in Luxury Home Decors. However, our mission is to uplift everyday homes with art-infused Customised Building Products. For instance, Design Finishes inspired by Art as Innovative Splashbacks!

While Design Professionals want distinctive, most homeowners desire more personalised design.  Your choice of finishes is the way to personalise those safe design trends. Additionally, using the Universal Themes of light, water, nature, beauty and love creates relevance to homeowners and their architecture. The outcome? It’s not scary different!

Home builds, and renovations require purpose-built substrates. For this reason, we have developed Design Finishes for every space. Kitchen and Bathroom Tile Murals and Vertical Tile Feature Strips. Indoor-outdoor Art into Mosaic and metal alloy Moveable Outdoor Murals. Likewise, optically clear film for Innovative Splashbacks. Toughened Glass Murals for amazing glass wall features. Door Wraps for Dementia imbue interactive environmental designs. And, coming soon, Ceiling Murals! Thus, artistic Wall Decor Ideas help adventurous designers inspire and relate to conservative clients. 

Everyone wants less clutter. Artistic Wall Decor Ideas bolster minimalist design and add a sense of completeness. On a budget, just a few Art inspired Design Finishes will increase lifestyle and property value. Create your statement Design Finishes for indoors and out today. Luxury Home Decors for everyone and Art to connect you with nature and life.

The Mural Shop TM is proudly owned by Tailored Artworks CEO, Brisbane artist and decorator, Sharron Tancred. 

Our mission is to build more art into homes as Custom Building Products for beauty, relevance and point of difference.

Our clients have contributed to our incredible art library and Universal Themes.

Artworks on vertical walls are highly visible. Thus Splashbacks, Foyers, Bathrooms, Pool walls and Fences are opportunities for fantastic focal points! For superimposing great ideas into your space use The Custom-er Help Desk. Additionally, learn about our Hand-painted Art Services and Build and Renovation Team

The Mural Shops products are proudly QBCC Legislations Compliant. Supplier credentials are on each product page. The Mural Shop TM and our suppliers are all family-owned entities.

We are each renowned for high quality Australian designed and manufactured goods.  Equally, our state-of-the-art, robotically engineered Mosaic Murals are produced in Taiwan.

Design Finishes


The Mural Shop is where Art, Technology, Custom Building Products and Colour Psychology unite as Design Finishes for every space and need. Home. Business. Aged Care.

Looking for different Wall Decor Ideas and Innovative Splashbacks? Different!
Design Finishes by Sharron Tancred

Meet Sharron Tancred, Artist, Graphic Designer, Interior Decorator and Colour Psychologist.

Hello. It seems there’s nothing else quite like The Mural Shop for Art inspired Interior Design Finishes. Why have I done this?

After 23 years in Graphic Design and Advertising, I began Tailored Artworks: our hand-painted Art and renovation division. In short, since 2006, I have fixed, enhanced and inspired decors through Art. And, not just for Luxury Home Decors!

Then, in 2017, after 9 years and 18 Brisbane Home Shows, I heard folks increasingly mentioning home similarities! So were my designer friends and celebrity designers like Shayna Blaze from The Block and Selling Houses Australia! As an illustration, think of Worldwide trends, Real Estate Agents, cookie-cutter Designers and Homeowners all playing it safe.

As a result, the property market is a blur of safe Design Finishes. Neutral colours and conservative styles. When building, you pay for wall cladding materials. Why pay again for creativity? Why aren’t we blending building materials with Art?

Still, at expo folks requested Wall Art Ideas as Customised Building Products:  Innovative Splashbacks, Tile Murals, Glass Murals and Fence Murals. Add to this, architects, designers, decorators, landscape designers and artists don’t typically collaborate. But they want to! Homeowners must brief them separately. As a result, diluted design visions. Hence, our renovation team.  

Did you know that overseas, like in New York, properties are built around Art? Talk about Luxury Home Decors! But, I think everyone deserves a little luxury. Therefore, Art inspired Interior Design Finishes makes sense! It just takes a bit of faith in your designer and a means of communicating your taste. You want different? So…be Different! Art is the best way!

Allow me to inspire you!  Thanks for listening.

Sharron Tancred

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