Fire Safety for Door Wraps

FIRE SAFETY CERTIFICATE: Fire Safety we know is essential. Our suppliers here in Australian have had their wraps and inks tested and cleared for Fire Safety according to Australian/New Zealand Standards.
Standards | Safety Rating Certificate

CLEANING: Maintenance couldn’t be easier with our wraps. Thanks to HP’s exclusive print technology, our door wraps do not have a plastic sheen but rather a beautiful velvet matt finish for an endearingly natural outcome. Being natural, wash your doors with water! Chemicals can damage the print, and we’d all rather avoid their odours!

INSTALLATION: Naturally, the most economical way to buy door wraps is bulk buying to save freight costs. Unless you wish to pay for professional installation, your maintenance men can hang our wraps. Our wraps use exceptional technology that allows multiple repositioning during the hanging process. So, stress less and save! Cleaning and Installation Guide

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