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FAQs to satisfy your curiosity before you decorate as you build

Looking for different ways to use art?  You’ve found it.  

Who is The Mural Shop for?

The Mural Shop is for Retail and Trade clients.  We believe anyone, anywhere, should easily be able to incorporate biophilic art into their residential or commercial projects. Our Mural Shop helps Architects, Designers, DIYers and Aged Care to transform your indoor and outdoor spaces and raise the vibe of the space.

Our mission is to Bring Back the Importance of Art in Architecture. 

We value low-waste, minimalist design for wellness that feels complete.

Who created The Mural Shop?

Sharron Tancred, an artist, illustrator, graphic designer, interior decorator and art tech innovator.

Sharron exhibited at home shows for many years, where people would ask if she could install her artworks on bathroom tiles, or as glass wall art for room dividers. Others wanted large outdoor murals for pool walls and fences, mosaic art for feature walls and printed kitchen splashback murals. So she decided to bring all of these products together into one fully automated online shop!

In her associated business Tailored Artworks, she works on art inspired home renovations, creates custom artwork for corporate spaces and installs dementia exit diversion murals in aged care facilities. So, if you are after a custom art service for hand-painted artworks and murals, just chat with Sharron at Tailored Artworks!

However, getting older, Sharron is now moving off the tools and focusing on her Mural Shop.  Afterall, this e-commerce store delivers art faster and cheaper than Sharron can paint!

Where are you located?

Our artist and founder lives at Murrumba Downs in Brisbane Australia and works from her home office and studio.

Our suppliers are also in Brisbane, except for our Mosaic which is engineered in Taiwan.

Because we believe in low-waste production and are not mass-produced and warehoused, but purpose-driven, our online shop ships direct from our printers to you!

What makes The Mural Shop so unique?

The Mural Shop makes luxury décor affordable for all budgets. We offer a range of design finishes featuring a diverse collection of original artworks for new builds and renovations.

You can select artworks by Sharron Tancred or Print Your Own Mural as Tile, Glass, Metal, Films, Wallpaper or Mosaic for walls, doors, ceilings an Pools.

We’re the first online shop to offer all of these products under one brand, by one artist making The Mural Shop unique as a custom art service.

How can I see your art in my space?

That is so simple.  Find the Room Previewer on any product page.  Upload your own image, select your wall surfaces, then your preferred product, and then play with the mural designs.  

Here is a video on How the Room Previewer works.

If you need something more exact, we have Decor Packages for you. 

Can I print my own art or photo?

YES!  On each product page, above the artwork pictures, see the Mural Design tabs i.e. Grounded, Classic, Contemporary, Natural Modern, Beach, Asian…. and Print Your Own!

Simply, click that tab, then BUY and a new Price Calculator will pop up.  Here, you can upload your image and a photo of your space.  If you don’t have an image, we can research and buy one for you for a small fee. 

Print your Own Mural is priced slightly lower than our artworks, because we

A) prefer art to photography in residential decors as it looks less commercial, and
B) Or art is unique to The Mural Shop and preferred resellers

What if we need design help?

No worries!  We have art planning packages to help you achieve the vibe you want!  Read more

I am in Brisbane! Can you visit me?

Yes. You an book an on-site Art and Decor Planning session for the Greater Brisbane area.

Book online and Sharron will visit you in-person.

I am not in Australia. Can I change currency?

Yes. In fact it is super easy.  Go to the very top right corner of the website. You will see a pull-down option:
Australian Dollar and United States (US) Dollars

Click US Dollars! Now every product category will be in US Dollars.
Watch the How it Works Video

How can measure in CMs, MMs, Inches, Meters or Feet?

So easy. Click Price It on your favourite Mural Design. Then, in the Price Calculator (on every product page), use the Length Unit pull-down menu. Choose the measurement system that suits you best.

Watch the How it Works Video

Do you have a Retail Price Guide?

Yes! Here’s an Instant Download and Printable PDF
Retail Price Guide and Specifications in AU$ p/m2 and US$p/Ft2

Is there a Trade Portal for Architects and Designers?

Yes. Read the benefits, book a Trade Chat and Sign up for Trade Discount pricing through our Instant Price Calculators at our Trade Portal.

Are you insured and what is your delivery and returns process?

Yes, we are fully insured and we have a comprehensive checking process. 

Please read more here.

The back of the Tile/Outdoor Mural looks discoloured?

If you are concerned that your mural is damaged because there are marks on the back, don’t be!  As our Tile, Tile Strip and Outdoor Murals are triple laminated by hand, sometimes residue from rolling over the edge will accumulate on the rear.  Our aim is to fully cover the printed edges with laminate to protect them against water.  Laminate residue is a good sign our printer has done a great job : )


How do you deliver your products?

Our printers deliver our products direct from their Australian bases via TNT and FedEx.  We charge one low, set price Australia-wide per consignment.  International deliveries however are quoted POA.  Our printers will carefully box your products with foam and honeycomb cardboard and book the freight.  You will receive a tracking number.  It’s all streamlined service.