Trade Discounts for Spec Home Interior Designers

For developers, we solve the problem of council compliance for art, biophilic and wellness design and for Interior Designers, we meet your need for uniqueness.

Spec Home Interior Designers discover how you can personalise your client’s home, be ahead of Global aspirations, create your new USP, win awards and make a profit. 

The Mural Shop’s innovative range of Unique Art Finishes create a sense of well-being in the home.  Our biophilic finishes include products for splashbacks, walls, ceilings, windows, doors, pools. We deliver: 

Scarcity: Art finishes are uniquely by Australian artist Sharron Tancred or, personalise your Spec Home to the hilt with our Print Your Own Mural service: Print their child’s art as a Splashback or Art Wallpaper!

Fashion Aspirations:  As keen followers of Mc and Co Trend, Pinterest and Etsy trend reports we know we are ahead of design aspirations and moods or on-trend

Market Research: All our ideas are the results of requests from your typical clients from 20 Brisbane Home Shows, Private Art Commissions and Cosmetic Home Renovations since 2006.  

Variety: Ten beautiful art finishes for Jawdropping Splashbacks, Space savvy Tile Features, Glass light-play, Artful Feature Walls, Moveable Pool and Garden Murals and Wow-Factor with all-weather Mosaic. 

Local custom production: Deliveries are typically shipped within 7-30 days of final sign-off *Pending current supply chain issues

Compliance: QBCC Legislations Compliant, Australian and New Zealand Safety Standards, all available here

Potential Public and Community Art Contribution: The Mural Shop is artist-run. Just Google Sharron Tancred

Correlation: Match finishes with hand-painted artworks and Haymes Artisan Designer Textured Feature walls from Tailored Artworks

Style Continuity: Free Handover Pack Gift Certificates for you giving free Art and Decor Planning Sessions with Tailored Artworks

Biophilic and Wellness: Our artworks bring back the Importance of Art in Architecture, delivering soul. And, Colour Psychology is imbued within each artwork to raise the vibe and create a sense of well-being in the home.

Livability:  International Themes – Water, Nature, Light, Love and Travel transforming spaces with a sense of well-being and closeness to nature.

Low Waste, Minimalist Design that feels complete: Help your clients! When Unique Art Finishes play hero, your clients can save elsewhere. Later, homeowners will feel less inclined to clutter in an attempt to decorate. Because they will already have their beautiful and meaningful focal point!

Print Your Own Mural: Priced slightly lower than our artwork collection, Print Your Own is ideal for clients preferring even greater personal relevance.

Free Digital Colour Editing:  Available for both our artwork collection and the Print Your Own Mural service

Free Worldwide Freight:  All our products are shipped directly from our suppliers worldwide via our dedicated International Shipping Agents *May become Australia wide only

Australian Made and Owned License:  For all products except Mosaic which is robotically engineered in Taiwan

Low pricing:  Sign up and you will receive our 30% Trade Discount coupon. Download our Product Specification Guide below,  inclusive of this Trade Discount in AU$/PM2 and US$/Pft2

Room Previewer per product: Short on time or in front of your client? Use our Wizart Room Previewer. Upload your client’s room photo or use one of ours and then select the product and from there the murals you love.  See before you buy and shop with confidence.  Alternately, ask us for assistance.

Instant Retail Price List and Price Calculator: See our How it Works Video on shop functionality.  Give your clients instant prices online. *Subject to change as we grow

Affordable decorating packages: Short on time or need extensive art positioning? Buy a package and our interior decorator, graphic designer or interior designer will help you.

Display Home Art Licensing: Would you prefer to reserve an artwork for a term i.e 3 years as a display home splashback. Licensing Agreements are on the table! 

Free Creative Innovation Chats for Interior Designers via Zoom:  Book here.

Free 15 Minute Client Chats via Zoom:  Book here.



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    The Mural Shop blends art, colour psychology and technology to transform everyday building products into beautiful and meaningful design finishes. Uniquely, Sharron Tancred's work is only available direct at our mural store online.

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